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Adding a User Profile to Network Security 7

Last Updated:
March 4, 2017

PNSEVTMON must be running in order to add a user profile to a rule in Network Security. If you are unable to add a user profile, start the Central Administration monitor jobs using the following command:


This command starts four monitor jobs in the PTWRKMGT subsystem: PPLCMNMON, PPLCMNSVR, PPLEVTMON, and PNSEVTMON.

If for some reason PNSEVTMON gets shut down, you can issue PTNSLIB07/PNSSTRMON (or PTNSLIB/PNSSTRMON, depending on your product library) to restart the monitors, restoring the ability to add user profile rules.

For more details regarding adding user profiles, see User Rules in the Network Security 7 Administrator's Guide.

For more details regarding Central Administration, see the Central Administration Administrator's Guide.

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