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Installing HelpSystems Insite on Your Windows Server

Last Updated:
March 9, 2018

Before You Install

Installing HelpSystems Insite allows you to access your HelpSystems products through a web browser interface. Currently, Insite allows you to access the following products:

  • Access Authenticator 1.0 or higher
  • Automate BPA Server 10.5 or higher
  • Password Self Help 3.001 or higher
  • Powertech Network Security R07M04 or higher
  • Robot Network R11M00 or higher
  • Robot Schedule R10M30 or higher
  • Webdocs for IBM i 4.0 or higher

Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements before installing Insite on your Microsoft® Windows Server®.

You can download the installer from My Account page on our website. The installer is available whether you’re requesting a free trial of our software, updating your software, or converting your software.

If you plan to use Insite with any of the products that run on IBM i, please additionally see User Profile Recommendations for Insite Product Connections.

Server and Exit Point Considerations:

Server Exit Point

Note: Robot Network also uses the DDM and TELNET TCP/IP servers.

***IMPORTANT*** Read the following before using Powertech Network Security for Insite.

If *PUBLIC is locked down in your current Network Security configuration, in order to use Insite, you must create rules that allow the Insite profiles access to specific server functions.

The Insite user profile that's used for authentication needs access to the following:

Server Function

Any user profile that's used by the admin for a product connection needs access to the following:

Server Function

Any user profile that's set up by any user other than the admin needs access to the following:

Server Function

For information on granting access to the above functions, see the Powertech Network Security for Insite online help.

Port Considerations:

You must have three open ports on the webserver in order to install the Insite software. These ports are configured during installation.

We recommend that the exit points (listed above) and ports be open to the RBTUSER, RBTADMIN, RBTNETPT, and user profiles logging on to Insite.

Installing HelpSystems Insite

Complete the following steps to download and install HelpSystems Insite on your Windows server. You must be logged in as an Administrator to install.

  1. Download the setupHelpSystemsInsite.exe installation file from My Account page on our website.

  2. Double-click the setupHelpSystemsInsite.exe file.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue the installation.

  4. On the Choose Components panel, select the products you want and click Install.

    The Choose Components window during installation of HelpSystems Insite.

  5. Use the HelpSystems Insite Server Setup window to create a new Windows user named ‘helpsystemsweb’. The User Name is already entered. Enter a password for the new user and click Create.

    Note: If you’re installing Insite over a previous version, you won’t see this window.

    The window where you create a 'helpsystemsweb' user during installation.  

  6. If the password for the new user is accepted, click OK.

  7. The HelpSystems Insite Server Configuration Manager window displays. You must set up ports for HelpSystems Insite. The installer lets you know if the default ports are available. If a port is unavailable, enter a new port number and click Test to see if it’s available. Once all ports are available, click OK.

    Configuring ports during installation of HelpSystems Insite.  

  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

After You Are Done

After installation is complete, point a web browser to the following URL:

where is the IP address of your server.

If you’re the first person to log in, you’re asked to change the ‘admin’ password. Then, you’ll see the Server Settings page which has a Getting Started section on it. That will help you start setting up the software.


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