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Current HelpSystems Insite Versions and Product Compatibility

Last Updated:
March 1, 2018

The table below shows the current Insite version of each product supported by Insite, as well as each product's earliest Insite-supported version.

Product Current Insite Version for the Product Earliest Product Version Supported by Insite
HelpSystems Insite 2.0 N/A
HelpSystems Deployment Manager 1.8 N/A
Access Authenticator 1.5 1.0
AutoMate BPA Server Ops Console 1.10 10.5
Password Self Help 1.8 3.001
PowerTech Network Security 1.10 7.04
Robot Network 1.16 11.00
Robot Schedule 1.14 10.30
Webdocs for IBM i 1.5 4.0

For information on requirements, see HelpSystems Insite System requirements.