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Automate Academy Triggers

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Take a deep dive into the different triggers available in Automate


Browse the video topics below to get a closer look into the triggers available in Automate. Each chapter provides video tutorials and instructions designed to increase your product knowledge.

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Overview of Triggers

Get started with the four most popular triggers in this Automate tutorial. 

Chapter 2: Schedule Trigger

How to set up a schedule trigger to run an Automate task or workflow at a specific date and time.

Chapter 3: File Trigger

How to trigger an Automate task when a file is added, removed, or modified from a specified system or folder.

Chapter 4: Email Trigger

How to use an email to trigger an Automate task.

Chapter 5: Database Trigger

How to trigger an Automate task when a specific operation is performed on a SQL or Oracle database.

Chapter 6: Startup Trigger

How to use the startup trigger to begin a task upon startup of Automate.

Chapter 7: Window Trigger

How to use the window trigger to start a task based on the status of browser windows.

Chapter 8: Keyboard Trigger

How to use the keyboard trigger to monitor for specific keystrokes to trigger a task.

Chapter 9: Event Log Trigger

How to use the event log trigger to act in response to system events.

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