Primeros Pasos con Adjustes de Servidores para Automate Enterprise

Capítulo 8 | Automate 101

Get an overview of the different server settings available in Automate Enterprise. Ricky Wilcox, Presales Engineer, gives you a guided tutorial through each individual server setting. In this video you’ll learn the settings available for:

  • Data Store: the connection between Automate Enterprise and your backend database
  • SSL: determines if you want to use SSL to encrypt communications between the server component and all the connected agents in your environment
  • Email: how to set up a default email address for Automate to notify you of errors or messages
  • Log Management: controls how data is handled and determines how long execution data should be stored
  • Staging: provides the users with the capabilities to segregate workflows into distinct stages like production, development, or testing
  • Constants: global variables so you don’t have to create variables at every task or workflow level
  • SQL Connections: create the default SQL connections for Automate Enterprise
  • System Security: dictate permissions to specific users and user groups
  • Load Balancing: apply limitations to the number of currently running workflows
  • Holiday: configure and edit a custom holiday schedule
  • Management Console Sessions: determines various standards regarding individual user sessions
  • API Permissions: manage and protect Automate’s API resources through authentication
  • Revision Management: enable or disable the ability to revert a task or workflow object to a previous version and how long to keep previous versions

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