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  • Convert and create queries fast
  • Query on-demand with run-time prompts
  • Choose your interface
  • Keep data access secure
  • Analyze data in executive dashboards
  • Create sophisticated reports
  • Drill down to summary or detailed data
  • Slice and dice data in pivot tables


  • Access remote data across databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and others
  • Integrate with business software, including HarrisData, TMW, Infor, Island Pacific, MEDHOST, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and Fiserv
  • Access, analyze, and deliver data in Microsoft Excel
  • Go mobile with Sequel Web Interface
  • Automate data delivery with Esend
  • Schedule data delivery with IBM i job schedulers (i.e., Robot Schedule)


IBM i 7.1 or higher

Easily Analyze and Deliver Data with an IBM i Data Access Solution

Your company counts on the IT department to provide accurate data in a timely manner. After all, data drives decisions. But too often, data access requests pile up, leaving executives and business users waiting. Fortunately, data access solutions like Sequel Data Access help your IT department deliver IBM i and remote data to business users and executives fast.

Fast Data Access for IT

Your IT department can get up and running quickly with Sequel Data Access—in less than one hour. Existing queries from Query/400 can be quickly converted, so you don’t lose any of your existing work.

Creating new queries with Sequel is quick and easy. Plus, features like run-time prompts help you give users on-demand access to information. Business users simply need to click a button and select a date, location, or other variable to run a query. With Sequel, IT departments can finally keep up with their data access requests and get back to the rest of their duties.

Modern Data Analysis and Reporting

Executive dashboards and modern reporting options make it easy for executives and business users to turn data into useful information. With executive dashboards, users can summarize important business metrics and visualize data. With Sequel’s reporting options, you can easily and graphically design reports for your users. Reports can be saved on IBM i, printed from a PC, or output whichever way your users need them.

Dynamic Drill-Down and Tabling

Sequel offers dynamic drill-down analysis. With Sequel, you can analyze data more effectively by moving from summary information to detailed data in just a few clicks.

Plus, Sequel tables make it easy to slice and dice data to meet your business needs. With Sequel tables, you can organize and categorize large volumes of data in seconds. 

Exceptional Integration with Microsoft Excel

Business users love Microsoft Excel, and Sequel makes it easy to access, analyze, and deliver IBM i data in Excel. With Sequel, you can:

  • Use Excel as a data source
  • Access data in Excel with the Viewpoint Excel Plug-In 
  • View data results in Excel
  • Deliver data results to users in an Excel file

Secure User Empowerment

IT departments can also save time by empowering users with secured data access. Sequel operates on IBM i authority and allows advanced options for securing data. Simply choose what level of data access you want your users to have: library, file, field, or row-level. No matter which interface your users choose, their access will be secure.

Remote Database Access from IBM i

Use Sequel from a central IBM i server to access data from remote databases, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and others.

One-Click Data Delivery

All it takes is a click to deliver data in the format your users need it—whether it’s a spooled file or PC file like Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF. You can even click to email results directly to users or send a PC file straight to the integrated file system (IFS). Plus, integrate with an IBM i job scheduler like Robot Schedule so you can schedule the delivery of your results.

Three Great Interfaces

Choose the interface that meets your needs: green screen, graphical user interface (Sequel Viewpoint), or web interface (Sequel Web Interface). Sequel’s diverse interface options make it easy for any type of user—technical or business—to navigate Sequel and access key business data.

Let’s Get Started

Sequel delivers true data empowerment your organization needs to make decisions and succeed in today’s business world.

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