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  • Real-time identification of internal and external threats
  • Easy-to-interpret common format for security events
  • Prioritization of serious issues for a rapid response
  • Proactive security monitoring
  • Greater visibility into security posture
  • Complete audit trail


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • IBM AIX 
  • IBM i


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Turn cybersecurity data into insight in real-time

Turn cybersecurity data into insight in real-time

Security analysts have massive quantities of data at their disposal. And somewhere in that accumulation of data are security events that require quick action to stop an attack or prevent a breach. But those important security events are mixed in with events that require no action at all.

Reviewing, analyzing, and prioritizing large volumes of security data is inefficient and susceptible to human error—especially when the data is presented in different formats your analysts are unfamiliar with.

Event Manager is a cybersecurity insight and response platform that ensures critical events get the attention they require.

Events are translated into an easy-to-interpret format, and critical events are separated from the noise in real time. This enables security analysts to act quickly and decisively, even without specialized knowledge of every technology in your environment. A full audit trail makes it easy to meet compliance requirements.

Translate Security Events into a Common Format

Event Manager collects security events from sources across your environment, no matter how the events are formatted. These disparate events are translated into a single format that’s easy for security analysts to understand.

Using a common format saves time. Analysts are able to work faster when they’re not forced to interpret information presented in multiple formats. Event Manager also eliminates the need for on-staff expertise related to the different sources of security events.

Separate Critical Events from the Noise

When every security event carries equal weight, it’s easy for analysts to miss important information and potentially leave your organization vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks. Event Manager escalates the criticality of serious issues, so analysts don’t waste time on security events that don’t require action or attention.

Improve Security in Real Time

Event Manager reduces the risks to your organization in real time by enabling security analysts to monitor threats proactively. Problems can be addressed before any damage occurs.

Complete Audit Trail

Event Manager documents the process of a security analyst’s forensic investigation, including notes for closed cases and reported incidents. This makes it easy to meet common compliance mandates that require proof of regular security monitoring.

Get Started with Event Manager

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