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Automate Schedule: Integrating Informatica Workflows



  • Certified interfaces for Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud
  • Receive automatic notification of job completion status
  • Utilize finder windows to locate Informatica tasks
  • Integrate with other business-critical applications

Automate Schedule: Integrating Informatica Workflows

Many businesses rely on Informatica to produce, transform, and warehouse data. As your data constantly evolves and grows, Informatica becomes an increasingly important part of the foundation of your business.

Informatica runs on its own server, though, which makes it difficult to integrate your Informatica environment with any homegrown applications or other business applications, like Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP.

Scheduling Your Informatica Workflows

Because Informatica runs on its own server, scheduling jobs that include Informatica workflows requires building in time gaps to ensure that the Informatica workflow has finished processing before the next step of the job runs. The benefit of scheduling Informatica workflows with an enterprise job scheduler like Automate Schedule means that you no longer need to monitor your Informatica workflows for completion.

Automate Schedule, which has the Informatica Seal of Approval for its Informatica interface, consistently polls your Informatica workflows so that it can trigger the next part of your job sequence based on a successful completion and provide you with a status alert whether the job completed or failed.

Automate Schedule is a platform-agnostic and application-agnostic job scheduling tool, which means that it helps you bridge the many parts of your business together to build a fluent and flexible job schedule.

Using Automate Schedule to schedule and monitor your Informatica workflows allows you to make Informatica reactive with the following business applications:

  • SAP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • MS SQL Server
  • Windows Task Scheduler
  • Crontab schedules

From PowerCenter to Cloud

Automate Schedule is certified in both Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud. As businesses continue to move toward cloud computing, Automate Schedule eases the transition for maintaining your Informatica workflows. Automate Schedule’s Informatica Cloud interface has established the necessary web services that you need to process your data in Informatica Cloud, which makes it easy for you to transition from PowerCenter to Cloud without manually writing additional web services code.

Let's Get Started

Informatica is an important part of your business, but it’s not your whole business. Automate Schedule is a platform- and application-agnostic tool that makes it easy for you to build a complex, enterprise-wide job schedule quickly and easily. To learn more about how Automate Schedule integrates Informatica workflows with other IT processes, get a personalized demo from a software expert.