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Sacred Heart Cuts 70% of Printing Costs with Robot REPORTS

Since 1915, Sacred Heart Health System has grown from their first hospital in Northwest Florida into a regional leader for high-quality, compassionate health care. Today, Sacred Heart is a nonprofit healthcare organization with more than 4,500 employees, offering a network of primary care physicians, a 24-hour Emergency Trauma Center, a Pediatric Trauma Referral Center, and centers specializing in women's health, cardiac care, cancer care, and child care. The hub of their system is a 431-bed acute care facility located in Pensacola, Florida, which includes Sacred Heart Hospital, Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, and Sacred Heart Women's Hospital.

A big part of Sacred Heart's mission is to care for the poor and provide comfort and healing to those in need spiritually, medically, or financially. They spend millions of dollars each year reaching out to the needy with community services such as a mobile health unit for the elderly, and medical and dental clinics for low-income children.

Cost Savings

All that loving care translates into some large data processing needs for charts, forms, records, bills, and other information. Sacred Heart relies on UNIX machines; HP, Compaq, and Dell file servers; Dell PCs, and the IBM eServer iSeries. They use the iSeries to run their financial applications, supply orders, medical orders, patient results, and payroll. To manage their iSeries reports, they use Robot REPORTS from HelpSystems, the world's leading provider of iSeries automation software.

"We chose Robot REPORTS when the hospital was looking at cost-cutting measures," explains Dennis Piner, Information Systems operations manager at Sacred Heart. "We did a cost study on how much paper the computer operations area produced on a monthly basis. Between the amount of paper we were printing and the cost of associated consumables and non-consumables, the cost was astronomical. So, we looked at putting reports online for users."

"When we bought Robot REPORTS, I went to a day-and-a-half class at ROBOT U. Robot REPORTS is not that complicated once you load it, play with it, and get used to it. It's pretty self-explanatory, very user-friendly, and extremely easy to use—and I know that paper usage has been cut by at least 70 percent, maybe more, with comparable savings."

Superior Support

HelpSystems is an ISO 9001-certified company, which means that they pay close attention to the quality of each item from the customer's point of view: the products, the sales experience, the shipping, and the support. In fact, HelpSystems is so concerned with the quality of their support they use the nursing profession to profile their customer service people.

HelpSystems wants their support people to be available, caring, and helpful. The thoroughness of that approach combined with the HelpSystems philosophy—to be a high-tech company with low-tech customer service—means big paybacks for the customer. The customer gets a support philosophy that is centered around people, caring, and timeliness, versus phone mazes, frustration, and waiting.

I know that paper usage has been cut by at least 70 percent, maybe more, with comparable savings.

With each call for help, Dennis was more impressed. "Everything Tech Support does is right, and I mean that sincerely. When I have to call Support and ask how to do things, response time by phone is virtually instantaneous. As for the emails I've sent, there is a response within 30 to 45 minutes. The customer support staff is excellent."

Instantaneous feedback cannot be a reality every time, but as Dennis explains, "Even when I've called and asked for a specific support rep who is on the phone or away from the desk, I leave a message and I get a call back within 30 minutes. And, when I placed a support call and an answer wasn't immediately available, they got back to me within one working day.

"Timeliness is a big issue with me. There's nothing more frustrating than calling Support and getting caught up in a maze of telephone options, and then getting put on hold or having to leave a message. When I call HelpSystems, I'm never put on hold, I don't have to go through a bunch of options, and frustration is nonexistent. I call and say, 'Let me speak to someone in Customer Support', and boom, I'm there. You talk to people the whole way. When you say, 'I have a question about...' you hear, 'Fine, I'll connect you', and then you get a customer service person. They say, 'Okay, tell me what you're doing and what your problem is...' and they walk through it with you, trying to duplicate your issue. As a result, I have never hung up the phone feeling like I was not understood, or that my problem didn't get resolved."

Customer Satisfaction

Sacred Heart currently uses only Robot REPORTS, but they've had such positive results that Dennis requested money to purchase Robot ALERT (real-time mobile alerts) and Robot SCHEDULE (automatic job scheduling).

Dennis says he would expect no change in the high level of customer support, no matter which Robot products he might use. "I know the customer service people are trained across the board," he says. "The quality I've received and the knowledge base I get when I call is fantastic. The timeliness is excellent, the friendliness is excellent, and the expertise is excellent. As for the 'That's not our problem' syndrome, I've never had that issue with HelpSystems."

To sum it up, Dennis is very happy. "I've been really pleased with Robot REPORTS, and I've been exceptionally pleased with the quality of support. HelpSystems isn't the only company that's good at what they do, but they've certainly got my vote as one of the best. I would give some constructive criticism, but I can't find anything wrong. I probably deal with 30 to 40 different vendors and if I had to rank them from 1 to 40, HelpSystems would be number one." Nice praise for a high-tech, old-fashioned, customer service company like HelpSystems.

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