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Johnson Plastics Saves Time with HelpSystems Document Management Software

How managing documents digitally increased productivity and customer happiness
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Paper was a problem for Johnson Plastics, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based supplier of engrave-able materials and engraving supplies. It made it difficult to manage documents—especially across their eight locations in the U.S.

Documents were stored in filing cabinets, customers were kept waiting, and reports were delivered manually.

Johnson Plastics needed document management to work with their growing business. They found it with HelpSystems document management software.

Farewell to Filing Cabinets

Farewell to Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets were once the way of life at Johnson Plastics. The problem was: filing cabinets weren’t accessible to everyone at every location. Trying to find a certain purchase order or customer information on a moment’s notice was impossible.

Webdocs document management from HelpSystems changed all of that.

Today, documents are easily accessible from one central digital repository. Everyone—from accounts payable staff to customer service representatives—can access a document whenever it’s needed. All it takes is a quick keyword search (by customer name or order number) to find the document in question.

Webdocs also integrates with their VAI ERP system to ensure accuracy of customer information. Names and addresses on new invoices and purchase orders can be cross-referenced and verified instantly with existing records.

Users can also click a button in the VAI user interface and launch document searches in Webdocs. This makes it much easier to find a relevant document (i.e., purchase order) when reviewing customer information.

"We basically replaced our filing cabinets with Webdocs."

Ron Caucutt
IT Operations Director
Johnson Plastics

Hello to Happy Customers

Hello to Happy Customers

Since Johnson Plastics has eight warehouses across the U.S., it’s common for an order to include shipments from multiple warehouses. In the days of paper-based processes and document management, this led to confusion. Customer service representatives didn’t have access to all of the information about the order, like shipment details and tracking.

Today, Webdocs makes it easy to gain visibility over the order as a whole. All relevant documents are kept in one central repository. They're easy to reference no matter where the customer service representative is stationed.

Plus, the customer now receives one central invoice rather than multiple invoices with each shipment. This centralizes billing and makes it easier for the customer to track an order as a whole.

If a customer calls with a question about an order, a customer service representative can find the information quickly. There’s no longer a wait to receive an answer. In the end, the customer is happy—and the customer service representative can move on to the next task faster.

 “If anyone has a question about an order, they can go into Webdocs to look it up. No matter where you are, you can see the information. There’s no need to chase it down.”

Ron Caucutt
IT Operations Director
Johnson Plastics

Relax: Report Delivery is Automatic

Relax: Report Delivery is Automatic

Reports are delivered on a daily basis at Johnson Plastics. In fact, there are over twenty groups that expect reports on everything from inventory to accounting. That used to mean lots of manual effort.

Today, with the help of Deliver Now, those regular reports are fully automated and save employees significant time. No matter what—even if someone is on vacation—reports are automatically produced and delivered to the right people on time.

Johnson Plastics now effectively manages documents and saves time every day, thanks to HelpSystems document management.

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Replaced filing cabinets with digital document storage

Integrated with a VAI ERP system

Automated report delivery via email

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