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IT Service Optimization at an International Aviation IT Service Provider

Organization Description: This wholly-owned subsidiary of a major airline is one of Europe’s largest IT companies with more than 1,300 employees and a turnover of around € 270 million. They have installed and currently maintain 26,000 workstations and also monitor 236 local networks around the world.

Business Value of Vityl Capacity Management: Vityl software is used for capacity monitoring of the central website, including web servers, application servers and databases, as well as for capacity planning and cost savings.


Weak economic conditions and reduced IT budgets made it more important than ever for companies to make the most of their IT investments. It became vital that all resources were utilized cost effectively. By examining its capacity requirements and optimizing the use of existing equipment, this IT services provider saved both time and money.


The air and transport industry is highly complex and there are very strict demands with regard to the functionality, accuracy and operating assurance of all technical systems. The systems operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A stoppage could have disastrous consequences.

This service provider handles 600 applications and deals with around one thousand servers and a number of mainframe systems with different operating systems and platforms. Over a three-year period the number of UNIX and Windows-based servers has tripled and they are being constantly updated. Control of capacity requirements is vital. Vityl has been a vital tool for administrators at the service provider for more than six years.

“We have made a strategic decision to use Vityl on the largest UNIX- and Windows-based servers, one of the main areas in which it can help us to save money.”

IT Performance Analyst
International Aviation IT Service Provider

“For companies with a large, complex IT infrastructure it is necessary to find good tools that can deal with capacity and performance monitoring. Vityl Capacity Management is the perfect solution for us. As we have a varying IT environment, with different operating systems, it is a major advantage that Vityl is platform-independent, otherwise we would have needed three or four different programs,” states a performance analyst at the service provider.


The company began by using Vityl software for a small number of mainframes but they rapidly saw the advantages of the software and today it is also run on some 350 UNIX- and Windows-based servers.

The software is used mainly for capacity monitoring of the parent company’s central website, including web servers, application servers and databases.

However, Vityl Capacity Management is also used to provide server capacity data for monthly reports. With the aid of statistics from Vityl, the capacity analysts at the service provider can provide advice and recommendations regarding future investments. Risk factors and bottlenecks are clearly highlighted, facilitating the task of short-term and long-term planning.

“With Vityl we reduce our costs considerably. By making full use of capacity on, for example, the UNIX servers, which are very expensive, we can reduce our hardware investment costs,” says the performance analyst.

Ease of Use

Another area in which the software helps to reduce costs is in error location. The company has a number of licenses installed on various smaller systems should performance problems arise.

“As the information from Vityl is extremely detailed, it is easy to detect and solve problems, which also saves money,” says the analyst. Standardization and consolidation of systems is an important part of the company’s strategy.


The first contact between this service provider and TeamQuest (now part of HelpSystems) took place almost a decade ago. Flexibility and a close relationship are important reasons for this long collaboration.

The company is a major purchaser, which makes strict demands on its suppliers. Efficient support is a basic criterion, which HelpSystems has more than satisfied. However, cooperation also takes place on a deeper level. In partnership with the customer, HelpSystems has developed new functions where needs have emerged.

“We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with HelpSystems. Not only in the daily handling of support problems, where we always receive effective help, but also in strategic development matters, where HelpSystems is a key partner,” says the performance analyst.

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