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Robot HA Makes for Smooth Sailing at Furuno USA

Marine electronics manufacturer gets back in sync after a pipe break sinks their backup server

Furuno USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Japan-based Furuno Electric Co., LTD, which has supplied a variety of marine electronics since 1948. Today, Furuno is a total marine electronics manufacturer with a global customer base and over 500 dealers selling their products in the United States.

Questioning Recoverability

Headquartered in Washington state, Furuno USA also has a facility in Maryland, which allowed them to observe disaster recovery (DR) best practices by placing an entire continent in between their production and backup servers.

“While we had backups under control, compliance was one of those things that really got me wondering about our ability to recover,” said Dave Lattanzi, Information Systems Manager at Furuno USA.

Evaluating High Availability

The Furuno USA IT team is small, so when they started looking for a high availability (HA) solution to boost their DR strategy, they wanted to be sure that the tool wouldn’t submerge their resources under maintenance and administration.

To speed their search, they reached out to their business partner and a local consultant for recommendations and for help evaluating high availability solutions.

“A local consultant had installed iTERA for a business in our area and—for the price and complexity—he did not recommend it for us,” said Lattanzi. “We were looking for an affordable and simple HA solution.

Selecting a Solution

Furuno USA purchased the Robot HA high availability solution for IBM i through their business partner. Since 2010, they’ve been relying on this HelpSystems technology for transaction and file replication, including main production environment executables, source, and data.

“Plus, with this software, we know our data will be available in the event of a disaster at our main data center,” said Lattanzi. “The solution was affordable and requires very little administration time from IT staff. It was simple to install and runs flawlessly.”

Recovering from Disaster

It’s a good thing, too. A few years after purchasing Robot HA, a pipe burst at their Maryland facility, drowning their backup box.

“Luckily it wasn’t our production server that got hit, but it could have been,” said Lattanzi. Once their new backup server was installed, Robot HA made it possible for them to get months of backed-up transactions back in sync quickly.

“Everything went great,” said Lattanzi. “Since then, we’ve had great recommendations from the solution provider and we don’t even notice the replication running in the background. I get emails showing that synchronization is running great, and it’s nice to not have to worry about it.”

“With Robot HA, we know our data will be available in the event of a disaster at our main data center.”

Dave Lattanzi
Information Systems Manager
Furuno USA
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