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Why so calm?

IT pros have found the remedy for cybersecurity stress

Taking a lunch break. Leaving work on time. Feeling confident your business's data is secure.

Sounds impossible, right?

But people like Paul, Kate, and Brian have found a way to stay calm and enjoy a slice of that work-life balance everyone’s talking about. The key was finding a partner they could trust to help solve the cybersecurity and compliance challenges keeping them up at night.


Partner with an IBM i Security Expert

Most IT professionals don’t have the time or the resources to become an IBM i security expert. But in today’s threat landscape, an expert is what organizations need.

When you partner with HelpSystems, you leverage decades of IBM i experience, plus the world’s top IBM i security experts. What follows are the confidence and peace of mind that come with knowing your system security is on the right track.

Start by requesting a free security consultation: you get an evaluation of your current IBM i security using our Security Scan tool. The Scan runs directly from a network-attached PC, without modifying any system settings. It audits common IBM i security metrics, and one of our experts will help you interpret the results. You’ll receive recommendations for correcting system vulnerabilities, and you can save the findings for your records.

Your consultation will give you the insight you need to begin improving your security posture, reduce the risk of a data breach, and simplify your IT compliance efforts.

“I was very comfortable with the HelpSystems security consultants from the beginning. They walked me through the processes involved in assessing the current system and identifying the problem, and provided a roadmap. It was easy to work with them and they made the changes solid and painless.”

Chief Financial Officer
Waste Management Company

Paul Story

CEOs are making cybersecurity a top priority, and Paul’s CEO is no different.

With the headlines filled with stories of phishing scams and politically-motivated sabotage, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

But there was a time when cybersecurity was purely an IT issue—and Paul’s job was a little simpler then. Once data protection became a business issue that affects the company’s financial outlook, the pressure cranked up.

Paul needed a way to bring his organization in line with IT security best practices without a lot of manual effort.

He turned to HelpSystems because our solutions help automate IBM i security. Features like real-time alerts and exception-based reports enable Paul to filter out the noise and focus on the security issues that require his attention.

HelpSystems software has provided Paul with visibility into the risks to his system, plus faster, easier ways to address those risks.

Paul is confident that cybersecurity is on track at his organization, and he knows he has plenty of time to finish his lunch.

Kate Story

For Kate, IT compliance audits always added hours and hours of extra work.

Maintaining a secure system configuration is challenging, but proving it to auditors can be just as time-consuming.

And who took care of Kate’s regular tasks while she prepared the IBM i security reports auditors required? Kate—usually late into the evening.

Because gathering the audit data was so laborious, identifying compliance issues before the auditors arrived was almost impossible. So, audits sometimes produced nasty surprises.

Kate knew there had to be a more efficient way to approach compliance audits—and that’s when she found HelpSystems. Partnering with the experts at HelpSystems gave Kate faster and simpler ways to generate audit reports. Projects that used to take hours now take a fraction of the time.

What Kate (and her boss!) appreciate most is exception-based reporting. It’s easy to identify settings and configurations that are out of compliance. Kate can get proactive by correcting issues before an audit begins.

This means the risk of fines and penalties is much lower than it used to be. Plus, finding and fixing security issues on a regular basis means the system is more secure.

All the stress surrounding IT compliance audits is a thing of the past and Kate’s organization. She greets auditors with confidence and has said goodbye to working late.

Brian Story

Security is a balancing act at Brian’s organization.

Protecting sensitive information like customers’ PII is essential, but the system can’t be locked down so tightly that users have to contact IT for every little piece of information.

The latter is frustrating for Brian and for the end users who just want to do their jobs. And when users can’t complete basic tasks, they’re tempted to find work-arounds that violate IBM i security best practices and put the whole system at risk for a data breach.

Plus, cutting into everyone’s productivity hurts the business’s bottom line.

Brian had to find way to protect mission-critical IBM i data and ensure IT and end users can work efficiently. He partnered with HelpSystems because their experts understand how to secure the system in a way that enables users to do their jobs.

Now Brian knows users have exactly the access they need, when they need it—nothing more. The IBM i servers are secure, productivity is up, and Brian’s on track for his next promotion.

Why Partner with HelpSystems?

HelpSystems combines in-depth IBM i knowledge with unparalleled expertise around the platform’s unique security features.

Our team of experts wrote the book on IBM i security. Multiple books, in fact.

Robin Tatam, Director of Security Technologies, is a CISM with more than two decades of IBM i and AS/400 experience. He’s an IBM-certified technical consultant who presents at COMMON, where he’s a subject matter expert.

Robin and the rest of the team have partnered with organizations of all sizes simplify their compliance processes and protect mission-critical data. From highly regulated industries to businesses that simply can’t risk exposing sensitive information, our team delivers the software and services that help you manage evolving security and compliance threats.

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