Which Network Monitoring Tool is Right for You?

Easily compare network monitoring solutions with this comprehensive feature checklist

Network monitoring software is critical to managing healthy networks. The right monitoring tool can help you take proactive measures to secure your network by alerting you to potential issues before they become major problems. The result? Less risk of costly outages or slowdowns, more uptime, and smoother business operations. 

Use this interactive checklist to compare Intermapper with other network monitoring solutions.

Comparing network monitoring tools can be tricky. Network managers at organizations of all sizes trust Intermapper to provide the real-time knowledge they need to maintain a healthy network. What’s more, Intermapper is a vendor-agnostic solution that works across multiple platforms easily and affordably.

In this checklist, you can explore dozens of features Intermapper provides, from auto-discovery to real-time monitoring that can pinpoint congestion and send alerts.

Discover 60+ features Intermapper offers, including...

  •  Autodiscovery for all IP-enabled devices
  •  Custom map creation with different layouts, background images, and icons
  •  Built-in network probes to monitor a wide variety of devices
  •  Flexible polling intervals 
  •  Reporting and historic data to help you meet SLAs and stay compliant
  •  Real-time alerts in response to exceeded thresholds or failure

“We have had monitoring before. What we like about Intermapper is that it’s not expensive and is very easy to learn. It’s very graphical. A lot of other tools are table-based; you have to set up tables and devices. It gets complicated. There were some other nice tools that were expensive and complicated to set up."

Shawn Hickox
Lead Network Engineer of Enterprise Initiatives and Technology