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Integrate your IBM i data with Windows applications—without any hassle. Use IBM i Office Integrator for speedy application integration and boost productivity across your office.

Office Integrator bridges the gap between IBM i and Windows, so you don’t need to manually re-enter information ever again. Use IBM i data to create documents and mail merges. Plus, you’ll even be able to manage your PC applications from your IBM i. Try it today and see for yourself.

Why Should I Choose IBM i Office Integrator?

Fast Application Integration

Break down the barrier between your IBM i and Windows applications to instantly transfer data and files across platforms.

Seamless Mail Merges

Immediately pull IBM i data into Windows applications like Microsoft Word for fast, easy, and seamless mail merges.

Quick Document Creation

Fuel your PC documents with IBM i data and create statements, customer letters, and invoices faster.

Automatic Document Delivery

Deliver documents by email, FTP, or fax in a flash.