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Automate Enterprise is a comprehensive business process automation platform designed to integrate workflows across your organization and provide the features you need for an advanced IT automation strategy. Multi-machine, event-driven workflows are easy to build, manage, and monitor with Automate Enterprise.

Why Choose Automate Enterprise?

Graphical Workflows

Create complex, cross-server workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Detailed Operational Analytics

Deep visibility and control over your workflows—available from any device


Multi-machine execution capability made possible by remote agents

Business Continuity

Configurations for disaster recovery, high availability, and clustered environments are possible

Security and Auditing

Protect your information and stay compliant with role-based access and detailed audit logs

“Automate revolutionized what we’re doing. We went from publishing a few dozen books a year to hundreds of books a year.”

George Kiraz
President and Co-Owner
Gorgias Press