Responsible User Empowerment: Enabling Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Today’s tech-oriented workforces are more knowledgeable and capable with utilizing enterprise IT devices, applications, and services than ever before, and many have more than a basic understanding of the inner workings of business-critical system. However, a lack of constraints on the types of tasks they are permitted to perform often leads to unqualified users having an inflated sense of expertise and a belief that they can manage systems as well (if not better) than the trained administrators responsible for supporting them. In the interest of self-serving expediency, end users may sometimes use privileged access credentials to bypass security, circumvent business policies, or introduce unapproved changes to production systems.

To help educate organizations on best practices and optimal approaches to privileged access management (PAM), EMA conducted primary, survey-based research to identify the current level of risk organizations assume in allowing open access to systems and application resources that require elevated controls and protections.

Within this report, you'll find details on the results of this research, including key findings on:

  • Challenges to Controlling Privileged Access

  • Privileged Access Management Approaches and Adoptions

  • Best Practices for Enabling Privileged Access Management

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