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Our software experts have a deep understanding of the processes business follow to manage their documents. We’ll get started by discussing how you handle your documents today.

Do you have paper documents and filing cabinets? Are any of your documents digital now? How do you create, capture, manage, route, and distribute documents?

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“The software gives me access to the information I need—anywhere, anytime. And it’s efficient. I don’t have to involve anyone else. I can just call up the information.”

David Twite
Tara Materials

Why Should I Choose HelpSystems Document Scanning?

Capture Documents Digitally

Take every paper and electronic document and file them digitally in one central repository for easier management.

Store Documents Securely

Make sure only authorized users are accessing your digital documents by granting defining authority levels for each user.

Retrieve Documents—Quickly and Easily

Find any document you need at any time by incorporating document indexing (via OCR, barcoding, or manual index keys).

Go Paperless

Reduce your company’s dependence on paper by utilizing an electronic document management system to capture, manage, and distribute documents digitally.

Enhance Productivity

Departments like AP and HR in industries such as education and government can improve productivity with digital document scanning.

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Going paperless with digital documents sounds nice—but is it really worth it? Use our ROI calculator to find out how digital documents will save time and cut costs at your organization. You'll get the indisputable information you need to convince your boss it's time to demo HelpSystems Document Scanning software.