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Keep the network up and running 24/7 with powerful IT monitoring software. Intermapper gives network administrators, IT consultants, and MSPs visibility into the availability and bandwidth usage of servers, routers, endpoints, and more.

By polling all your on-premises and cloud equipment in real time, Intermapper alerts you immediately when issues are detected, so you can troubleshoot before users or customers come calling. You see your network devices and their current status on a color-coded map. One click brings up the metrics you need: availability, CPU utlization, latency, and more, updated every 30 seconds so you always have a current view of network health.

Here's What You Get with a Free Trial

Your free 30-day trial includes monitoring for up to 500 devices, 5 remote monitoring licenses, 5 flows exporters, and full feature use, including:

  • IP monitoring for virtually every piece of equipment in your LAN/WAN
  • Fast device polling using common protocols such as SNMP, TCP, and HTTP
  • Device status windows displaying a single summary of performance
  • Custom performance alerts via email, text message, or sound
  • Responsive web interface for mobile monitoring
  • Easy installation so you can monitor your network right away

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"It's the only monitoring tool we use. We slice and dice the network in many ways using over 100 maps that monitor thousands of devices and Ethernet switches."

Dennis O Reilly
Senior Network Analyst
University of British Columbia

Intermapper Fast Facts

  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Features: Scheduled autodiscovery, IP, LAN, and WAN monitoring, interface and port monitoring, remote monitoring, Layer 2 mapping, smart alerting, one-click data charting, built-in probes
  • Supported Vendors: Vendor-agnostic, supporting equipment from Cisco, HP, IBM, NETGEAR, etc.
  • Pricing: Starting at $765 for 25 devices, including first-year maintenance and support
  • Version: 6.1 (Released September 2016)
  • Add-on Products: Intermapper Remote Access, Intermapper Flows
  • User Profile: SMBs, MSPs, ISPs, IT consultants, and enterprises. We have users in all industries, including government, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology.