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Easily diagram all your IT technology with automatic network mapping

Are you tired of creating manual inventories of all your network devices? Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams are tedious to create and nearly impossible to keep up-to-date. Let Intermapper do the work for you by autodiscovering all your network devices, displaying them on a live network map, and giving you at-a-glance performance indicators.

As a network mapping tool, Intermapper brings your network to life exactly how YOU want to see it. User-friendly and customizable, everyone from entry-level techs to advanced network pros rely on Intermapper for easy map creation and reliable network monitoring.

Why Intermapper?

  • Visualize your network health at-a-glance
  • See exactly where trouble’s brewing—for quick resolution
  • Help your IT team learn the network layout faster
  • Choose from physical, logical, or geographic map layouts
  • Customize maps with hundreds of icons and background images
  • Schedule new device detection so you never miss a thing

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“The visual representations Intermapper provides aren’t something I’ve seen in any other product, and that’s why I’ve continued to use it.”

Kyle Bodholdt
IT Systems Engineer
Don's Farm Supply

Get Total Network Visibility

See it all on your network map...

Color-coded device statuses (green = good, red = bad)

Live animation displaying high traffic levels

Connections between routers, switches, and other devices

New, previously undetected devices

Layer 2 and 3 interconnections

Sub-maps by room, floor, office, geographic region, etc.

LAN or WAN mapping

No need to draw your topology manually

Intermapper Product FAQs

Intermapper mapping on mobile devices

What does my free trial include?

Your free 30-day trial includes monitoring for up to 500 devices, 5 remote monitoring licenses, 5 flows exporters, and full feature use.

What platforms does Intermapper run on?

Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What features does Intermapper provide?

Intermapper offers network mapping, including device, interface, and Layer 2/3 mapping; performance monitoring; remote monitoring; smart alerting (email, text, sound, etc.); reporting and historic data analysis, monitoring probes, and more.

Does Intermapper only monitor equipment from certain vendors?

No. Because most networks have a mixture of equipment from different vendors, Intermapper is vendor-agnostic. You can monitor virtually any equipment with Intermapper, including devices from Cisco, HP, IBM, NETGEAR, etc.

Who uses Intermapper?

Because Intermapper is both flexible and user-friendly, a wide range of customers, from small businesses to enterprises, MSPs, ISPs, and IT consultants use Intermapper. We have users in almost every imaginable industry, including government, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, retail, and more.   

How much does Intermapper cost?

Intermapper starts at $765 for 25 devices, including first-year maintenance and support.