How to Right-Size Your POWER9 Capacity and Configuration

Can you size your next Power server with confidence?

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Effective Capacity Planning

The Global IT Management survey shows that 61% of respondents believed they could consolidate servers to reduce infrastructure administration workload. Yet, a hunch like this requires investigation and data.

That’s where capacity planning comes into play. Capacity planning plays a critical role in making sure everything stays up and running at maximum efficiency. Whether you open another office, launch a new product or service, or simply want to be sure your infrastructure will be reliable and cost-effective, capacity planning will help you keep service levels up and costs down.

This guide highlights the benefits of capacity planning—and the risks of skipping this critical step. You’ll learn:

  • Common problems when evaluating new server technology
  • How capacity planning helps you right-size your investment
  • Industry-leading solutions for IBM i capacity planning

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