Let's Get Started with AIX Security

Learn from an expert with the AIX Security Policy series

Servers running AIX are frequent targets of cyberattacks, according to the Data Breach Investigations Report. But how do you begin creating and implementing an AIX security policy if you’re not an expert on AIX security?

In this series, security expert Bob Erdman discusses the ins and outs of AIX security policies.

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1. Expert Tips for Securing AIX Systems: Controlling User Access

Create effective security policies and avoid AIX security mistakes

Presented by: Bob Erdman

One of the most serious mistakes and organization can make is failing to create and implement a well-defined security policy. Without such a policy, it’s very difficult to ensure you have appropriate controls in place to protect mission-critical data.

In this first session, Bob explains the most important issues to consider when setting an AIX security policy to control user access.


2. Expert Tips for Securing AIX Systems: Beyond the Basics

Fine tuning your security policy

Presented by: Bob Erdman

In this second session, Bob explains which issues to consider beyond controlling user access, like Identifying and securing your network interfaces, configuring secure remote access methods, securing system services needed to perform business functions, and more.