EMA Top 3 Report and Decision Guide: Enabling Secure Access

EMA Report

A decade ago, enabling secure access to enterprise applications, data, and other IT services was relatively uncomplicated. However, emerging requirements for workforce mobility and distributed IT services have resulted in significant challenges for enabling secure access.

Fortunately, it is possible to satisfy both the security and access requirements simulatenously - but, it requires the adoption of innovative solutions that provide user-focused, secure access to distributed IT services. This EMA 2018 Secure Access Report is intended to provide actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt to empower end-user productivity while minimizing risk profiles.

Within the EMA 208 Secure Access Report, you'll find key insights into the following areas:

  • Understand today's top 10 priorities for secure access enablement
  • Identify the most important considerations for adopting best practices and solutions for enabling secure access
  • Learn which solution providers are best aligned with customer priorities and challenges, as recommended by EMA analysts.

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