How to Save A Million Dollars with Job Monitoring

Any given IBM i machine or network has the potential to suffer at the hands of a rogue job...

...regardless of how well that system or network is managed.

When jobs do not perform as they should and instead spend their time looping, devouring CPU, or simply becoming inactive, the consequences are immediate and measurable—consider the unproductive user community, financial penalties, and additional resource expenditures, including man-hours wasted in searching the system.

Sudden changes in a job’s status or performance are excellent indications that there could be trouble if these conditions persist undetected and unattended. It is not uncommon for a rogue job to set in motion a series of increasingly damaging and expensive issues that can leave IT managers racing to resolve multiple system problems, all of which stem from a single unruly job.

In a busy network that supports a large user community, the cumulative effect of these problems and their impact on user productivity means that job monitoring—or more precisely, a lack of it—can quickly become a million dollar problem.

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