Download "The Business Case for Focusing on IBM i Security: Close Security Gaps to Avoid a Data Breach"

Nearly 1/3 of Power Systems servers running IBM i don't meet minimum security standards. Does yours?

The cost of a data breach can bankrupt businesses and derailcareers. And those costs continue to rise.

The potential for significant damage is massive on servers like IBM's Power Systems servers running IBM i, because they’re widely used for database management, financial data processing, and business intelligence—all mission-critical applications and workloads. 

While IBM's Power Systems servers running IBM i are arguably the most “securable” servers available today, they’re not necessarily “secure” when installed. Extra measures are necessary to protect your business operations and customer data, starting with a thorough security audit.

Learn why IBM i servers are so important to businesses today, review the impact of recent data breaches, and consider strategies to reduce the risk of a breach.

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