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Replace Cron with Advanced Enterprise Job Scheduling

Cron is a convenient job scheduling tool that comes built into UNIX systems. It’s capable of reliably running jobs on a single server—and not much more. IT environments are more complex than they were in the early days of UNIX when cron was developed, but many companies still haven’t upgraded to a job scheduling solution capable of addressing modern IT requirements. Do these problems sound familiar?

  • You’re writing custom scripts to deal with cross-system dependencies
  • You’re required to provide detailed audit reports to comply with industry regulations
  • You need to run jobs on a custom schedule or based on an event
  • If a job fails, you aren’t notified

Enterprise-class job scheduling with Automate Schedule provides centralized, scalable automation for modern businesses. But your critical cron jobs won’t be lost when you make the switch to Automate Schedule—we’ll make sure of it. Sign up for a cron migration consultation to learn how to move your existing jobs to your new solution. During the 30-minute call with one of our experts, you will discuss:

  • How Automate Schedule can meet your unique automation needs
  • How to easily move your essential cron jobs to Automate Schedule
  • Opportunities to improve on your current automation with Automate Schedule’s more advanced features

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