Download “Improve Business Processes with an Enterprise Job Scheduler”

Tools like Informatica are great for running individual tasks. But how do you get central command of all your processes?

Today’s enterprises are complex, with servers of many varieties in different data centers and even spread across the globe. All of these servers produce and process data. Meanwhile, individual departments all require their own applications to meet business objectives.

Often these departmental tools run on different types of architecture, making job coordination and monitoring across the enterprise difficult. For example, Informatica’s PowerCenter is a popular ETL solution that is very useful to businesses, but its job scheduling features aren’t very robust.

What kind of tool can improve job scheduling in such a complex environment? In this guide, you’ll learn how an enterprise job scheduler can remove process bottlenecks, add efficiency and reliability to your enterprise, and even improve your standard of living. Plus, a look at the most useful features of automation software, like reporting and delegation.

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