Who’s the Bandwidth Hog? Find Out with Network Bandwidth Monitoring Software.

Download a free 30-day trial of Intermapper for easy bandwidth usage monitoring

Get answers to all your questions about network bandwidth usage. From senders and receivers to the type and volume of traffic, Intermapper Flows gives you valuable information to be used for diagnostics, troubleshooting, and capacity planning. By configuring routers or switches to export flow information to the Intermapper Flows server, you always have up-to-the-minute information about top hosts, applications, VLANs, sessions, and more.

Uncover information about network performance that you couldn’t access before. With granular traffic flow data, it’s easy to access what’s happening on the network—making your troubleshooting faster and your bandwidth planning more effective.  

With Intermapper Flows, you can:

  • Troubleshoot new or increased bandwidth usage
  • Identify top talkers, hosts, and listeners
  • Provide forensic data for compliance security purposes
  • Manage internet bandwidth and commonly-visited websites
  • Spot unusual traffic spikes

You can try our powerful bandwidth monitor tool free for 30-days. Fill out the form to the right. We’ll email you a link to download the software and get started right away.

Intermapper Software FAQs

graphs showing data collected by Intermapper Flows, a bandwidth monitoring tool

What is Intermapper?

Intermapper is commercial network monitoring and mapping software with two add-on products that integrate: Intermapper Flows and Intermapper Remote Access.

What does my free trial include?

Your free 30-day trial includes monitoring for up to 500 devices, 5 flows exporters, 5 remote monitoring licenses, and full feature use.

What platforms does Intermapper run on?

Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What features does Intermapper offer?

Intermapper offers network bandwidth and traffic flow monitoring, network mapping, performance monitoring, remote monitoring, smart alerting (email, text, sound, etc.), reporting and historic data analysis, custom monitoring probes, and more.

Does Intermapper only monitor equipment from certain vendors?

No. Because most networks have a mixture of equipment from different vendors, Intermapper is vendor-agnostic. You can monitor virtually any equipment with Intermapper, including devices from Cisco, HP, IBM, NETGEAR, etc.

Who uses Intermapper?

Because Intermapper is both flexible and user-friendly, a wide range of customers, from small businesses to enterprises, MSPs, ISPs, and IT consultants use Intermapper. We have users in almost every imaginable industry, including government, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, retail, and more.   

How does Intermapper licensing work?

Intermapper is licensed by how many devices you want to monitor, and Intermapper Flows is licensed by the number of flows exporters you want to configure. Contact us for a custom quote.