Watch an Automate Demonstration

See Automate in Action

Don't have time to schedule a live demonstration of Automate? Watch our short on-demand demo video to see for yourself how Automate streamlines your tedious IT and business tasks. Take a tour of the basic functionalities provided with Automate.

In the demo video, you'll see:

  • An overview of the Automate interface
  • The basics of interacting with the Automate Task Administrator
  • How to build and run a task

Just fill out the form, grab a cup of coffee, and watch our short but detailed tour of Automate!

Why Should I Choose Automate?

Easy to Install

Get up and running with automation in minutes, not days

Intuitive and Code-Free

IT and business users alike can easily drag-and-drop their way to smart automated tasks

Event-Driven Triggers

Kick off a workflow based on an event like a file arrival or an update to a database

Improved Accuracy

Eliminate human error from your processes and get notified instantly if anything goes wrong

“That budgeting job used to monopolize four or five people for two or three days straight. I automated it and created the files we needed in less than 90 minutes.”

David Brown
Systems Analyst
Echelon Home Products