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Solutions to help organizations of all sizes respond to COVID-19

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought about unprecedented times, but HelpSystems is here to help you maintain business as (sort of) usual. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of free software solutions, support and services offerings, training opportunities, and more to help you during this phase of life.

Whether you need to do more with less, up your security game, or prioritize an ever-shifting IT to-do list, we’ll help you move forward one step at a time.

Access GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Free For 90 Days

To help organizations secure sensitive data transfers while many employees are working remotely, HelpSystems is now providing a free 90-day license to our GoAnywhere secure file sharing and collaboration modules. This free license includes the ability to send files securely via email, drop files into shared folders, manage files within the network, and more. As the #1 MFT solution on the market, GoAnywhere can serve as a trusted partner, ensuring files are secure, regardless of where employees are located.

Quickly Identify Excess Privileges Across Your Remote Workforce

With increased pressures of an expanded remote workforce, your organization is vulnerable from excessive entitlements and inappropriate access levels. As your new work from home population grew virtually overnight, your business is now exposed to more risk as employees access company data, assets, and applications from multiple devices.

When employees have more access than they need, it opens your organization up to serious breaches and gives new inroads to potential attackers. Learn how you can mitigate identity-related access risks with complimentary Core Security Identity Governance solutions.

Detect and Respond to Critical Threats using Free SIEM

In today’s dynamic landscape, there are a number of cybersecurity threats organizations regularly face, including malicious insider attacks, inadvertent insiders, excessive access, misconfigurations, and brute force attacks. These threats can be major challenges for organizations that have limited visibility into their environments. 

Start protecting your business against common cybersecurity threats using a free version of Event Manager, our comprehensive SIEM solution.

Core Impact in 20 Minutes

With additional security considerations and constrained budgets, it’s difficult not to feel particularly vulnerable during this truly unprecedented time.

With this in mind, we are offering an exclusive, complimentary training series designed to address added risk in your organization, increase confidence in your security, and support your pen testing needs.

Find IBM i Security Vulnerabilities for Free

Day-to-day operations are impossible without the data and systems you rely on. Keep them safe from cyber threats with a free Security Scan from HelpSystems. A Security Scan is a quick and easy way to find out where your systems are secure and where vulnerabilities need to be shored up. Our security pros can answer all your questions and help you prioritize next steps.

Detect and Neutralize Malware Threats to IBM i

Malware attacks are increasing and IBM i is not immune. To help you avoid downtime and damage caused by malicious programs, HelpSystems is offering a free IBM i virus scan. You’ll find out if viruses and malware have impacted your IFS—including renamed or deleted objects. If any malicious programs are found, they will be removed.

Assistance Packages for Deploying Clearswift Cybersecurity Solutions

It has never been more important to secure your organization’s IT defenses. Clearswift is providing three additional packages to help support organizations through this COVID-19 period. Options include spreading the cost of your email and web security investment, helping you get your secure email and web up and running quickly or providing additional protection against cyber-attacks when collaborating with third parties.

1-Month Free of Automate Software

Start automating today with easy-to-use software. You'll achieve ROI quickly with our subscription pricing options. And we'll give you a free month when you purchase an annual subscription before August 1. 

Get a Free Automate Review with Our Experts

If you're a current Automate customer, let us help you optimize your current Automate tasks and processes. We'll have a one-on-one session to talk about your situation and identify ways for you to move forward. After the session, you'll receive a detailed, personalized report to provide you with next steps.

Free Proof-of-Concept with Automate Trial

See how Automate would handle your automation needs with a free proof-of-concept while you trial the product. Our experts will give you 4 hours of POC time for free, helping you determine how Automate can help you accomplish your goals.

Free Real-Time IT Monitoring Software

Thanks to the new FREE version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, now all IT teams can count on real-time monitoring and avoid drops that affect their business.

Use the full power of real-time monitoring and the out-of-the-box functionalities of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, completely free of charge for a small number of devices.

Book Free 30-minute Workload Automation Security Assessment

Keep jobs running securely during unpredictable times.

With employees managing critical batch jobs remotely, the need to maintain secure access to those jobs has become a priority. In today’s uncertain economic conditions, it can be a challenge to keep jobs running and updated according the business’s demands, especially when you’re outside of your physical network.

To support organizations and help them continue to automate securely and reliably, JAMS is offering a free 30-minute assessment of the security of your workload automation environment. It includes:

  • Role review of current WLA users
  • Scheduler security configuration
  • How to execute jobs with service accounts
  • Logging the activities of remote users

Get a Free Flows Exporter to Monitor Network Usage

As employees trade in their commutes for remote work, it’s never been more important to keep network traffic flowing. That’s why HelpSystems is giving a free Intermapper Flows exporter to new customers and offering existing customers the opportunity to buy one Flows exporter and get a second one free. With Intermapper Flows, get easy visibility into flow data to see top talkers and traffic statistics to keep your bandwidth at optimal levels to meet usage needs.

100 Additional Job Executions through August 31

Would you automate more processes with JAMS if you had extra capacity? In these challenging times it can be difficult to scale up and add more jobs to your batch schedule.

To support our customers JAMS is offering to increase the job by 100 executions per day at no cost, through August 31.*

Contact sales to request a stimulus key for your jobs-based license.

*Available on job-based licenses only, 1-per customer.

Considering a Move to the Cloud?

Sometimes having IT projects put on hold can be good news. For one thing, it gives you a moment to breathe. And for another, it gives you the chance to make sure you’re taking the right approach—like whether you’ve captured enough historical performance data to know which Power hardware you should upgrade to—whether it’s a box on-prem or a partition in the cloud. That’s why HelpSystems is offering a FREE download of our Performance Navigator tool. With this lite version of the software, you will have free access to:

  • CPU by priority graphs
  • Disk space utilization graphs
  • System Heath Check report

Better yet, this offer does not expire! Download Performance Navigator today so you’ll have that treasure trove of historical data when your IT projects resume.

We know these are uncertain times. Please let us know how we can help.