COVID-19 Resources for IT Departments
HelpSystems COVID-19 Security & Automation Resource Library

HelpSystems COVID-19 Security & Automation Resource Library

We're here for you. Let us help you maintain business as (sort of) usual.

HelpSystems Cares: Solutions to help organizations of all sizes respond to COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought about unprecedented times, but HelpSystems is here to help you maintain business as (sort of) usual. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of free software solutions, support and services offerings, training opportunities, and more to help you during this phase of life.

Whether you need to do more with less, up your security game, or prioritize an ever-shifting IT to-do list, we’ll help you move forward one step at a time.

Learn how current HelpSystems customers are relying on security and automation solutions to help them through this time.

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

Customers are relying on GoAnywhere MFT during this time to:

  • Handle critical and dramatic increase in medical testing from hundreds of thousands of trading partners, including medical institutions and doctors
  • Transfer reports to medical center’s COVID-19 status dashboard
  • Create additional workflows to handle increases in file transfer volumes due to COVID-19
  • Send and retrieve files at home as employees need to print or scan something, safely and securely
  • Avoid the need for employees to access desktop while at home through the web interface, allowing employees to remain productive

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Automate Robotic Process Automation

Customers are relying on Automate during this time to:

  • Automate the order validation process to help manage a large increase in orders, validate shipping information, and kick off notifications to the appropriate teams that an order has been fulfilled or if there was an error along the way.

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“GoAnywhere is helping our organization send secure communications, and personally, as the VP of Technology and Informatics, you can imagine the responsiveness of my team at this time is critical. GoAnywhere is helping us with access to our digital file cabinets from home, without having to connect to a VPN or remote desktop, and without having to worry about my internal files being in the cloud.”

VP of Technology
Healthcare Services Organization

How COVID-19 is Impacting Your Data Security

As workforces are now more remote than ever, files containing your organization’s most sensitive data are likely no longer within the safety of your company’s firewall. Secure managed file transfer (MFT) is a proactive practice to put into place. Ensure the information you need to stay secure stays secure, no matter where your staff is now working from.

Here are a few resources to help you secure, encrypt and automatically send your vital files with confidence:

10 IBM i Security Tips for Surviving COVID-19 and Working from Home

10 IBM i Security Tips for Surviving COVID-19

Now that many organizations have moved to a work from home model, security concerns have arisen.

This webinar covers the issues that the world is currently seeing, such as increased malware attacks, and then provides practical actions you can take to monitor and protect your IBM i during this challenging time.

PTi: IBM i security webinar CTA

Lights-Out Automation for IBM i Data Centers


silhouettes of people working

How to keep business running smoothly, even during the unexpected

With most organizations transitioned to a work from home policy, IT staff have been challenged to make sure system performance doesn’t miss a beat. Without people on the ground to monitor performance, run backups, watch storage, and answer messages, IT must use the resources they have to avoid major disruptions to the business.

Watch this webinar to learn how the most successful organizations are using automation to keep data center operations as close to business-as-usual as possible during these unprecedented times.

Maintain Business Continuity Through IT Staff Changes and Absenteeism with Workload Automation

Batch jobs, business processes, and automated workloads are valuable corporate assets. Yet, organizations often still include steps that occur on the desktops (and in the minds of) individual IT staff members. Look for ways to formalize the informal knowledge your business is leaning on.

NOC Resources Limited?

Network Operating Centers (NOCs) can be an effective monitoring resource when their connectivity and labor force are at full capacity. But, under extreme circumstances, they may not be able to respond to routine troubleshooting. Explore three ways to keep business process running, even under stress, with three workload automation core concepts.

Remove the Friction of Automating Across Multiple Platforms

Learn how the UVA Health System's centralization of enterprise workloads cut overhead and helped the IT team recoup valuable time for other projects.

IT & COVID-19: The 3 Phases of Supporting a Remote Workforce

Hear From HelpSystems CISO and VP of IT


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought about unprecedented times. HelpSystems is here to help you maintain business as (sort of) usual. Hear HelpSystems CISO, Chris Reffkin, discuss his top priorities during this uncertain time, and learn how Vice President of Information Technology, David Zacharias, recommends supporting a remote workforce.  

We know these are uncertain times. Please let us know how we can help.