Your CIO Can Turn IT from a Cost Center to a Business Driver with this Powerful Tool

IT executives can effectively communicate the impact of their department and optimize their IT costs with Vityl Capacity Management from HelpSystems.

In order for enterprises to remain competitive, they must understand their IT investments within the greater context of business impact. That means IT executives have to decide where to focus their investments while they justify their projects and spending to other members of company leadership. IT was once seen as a cost center for businesses, but now more than ever, it’s a key driver of business.

When deciding whether or not to focus their attention on increased digitalization, the cloud, bimodal IT, DevOps, or another priority, executives need a comprehensive picture of how their decisions impact business — in business terms. Vityl Capacity Management allows companies to add business context to technical information, enabling IT departments and executives to speak the same language. Vityl combines information from all of a company’s IT resources to provide continuous visibility and communicate IT’s business impact in real time.

Know Your Impact

You can create dashboards that will give you an at-a-glance view of the ways in which IT performance, availability, and avoided capacity shortfalls affect company revenues. While it should be intuitive that outages and performance incidents have a negative impact on user experience, it’s easy to forget just how large the potential costs of these incidents can be for businesses. Dashboards visualize both how much revenue is lost during these occasions, as well as how much is saved when outages are successfully avoided. With this powerful tool, IT executives can perform cost comparisons in order to justify increased spending on physical, virtual, or cloud capacity.

Even when the data comes from a variety of sources — finance, incident management, and capacity management — Vityl faces no obstacle. It has the ability to integrate and consolidate information across disparate environments and business operations in order to provide powerful, actionable insights.

Gone are the days of requesting, analyzing, and summarizing reports. With Vityl, IT executives have real-time data at their fingertips, with the ability to publish and manage dashboards so any employee can see the information they need on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Optimize Costs

Today, businesses rely on their IT operations to generate revenue, not increase costs. Create a view to track IT costs by business function in relation to revenue. This allows leadership teams to see cost and revenue trends at-a-glance, as well as whether a specific business function is at, above, or below targets for the selected period. This powerful data gives IT executives the ability to adjust budgets on the fly, allocate resources to more productive projects, and justify their work to their superiors.

If you want your CIOs and IT executives to be armed with the most powerful tools to make proactive, business-minded IT decisions, look no further than Vityl Capacity Management from HelpSystems. Leverage the massive amounts of data created by your network to move from a chaotic or reactive state toward the highest level of organizational maturity.


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