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You Don't Need Bimodal IT with Good Capacity Planning Tools

Bimodal IT has allowed companies to divide their focus on day-to-day, routine tasks and innovative new ones. But with the right capacity planning tools, your entire IT staff can focus its energy on business-growing projects.

It’s crucial for your IT team to brainstorm radical ideas and develop advanced technology, but if your staff isn’t also making sure the power’s still up and running, you’ll be taking one step forward and a couple hundred steps back when it comes to innovation.

No matter how many big thinkers your company might have, you’ll never execute any of their ideas if you don’t have someone making sure that your network is running reliably. Many companies have adopted the “bimodal” IT approach to prevent neglect of mission-critical tasks, dividing staff between two sets of responsibilities — but is this really the best method?

What is Bimodal IT?

75% of IT organizations will be bimodal by 2017, predicts Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard on Computerworld. This approach involves splitting the department in two, with one side focused on mission-critical tasks and the other on innovation and agility. Mary K. Pratt calls the former “keep-the-lights-on functions” and the latter “business-advancing tasks.”

Often, employees find it difficult to work on new initiatives because they dedicate all their hours to operational duties. By separating what Gartner describes as the “traditional mode” (scalability, efficiency, safety, accuracy) and “non-sequential mode” (agility and speed), departments can innovate with the assurance that downtime won’t interrupt their progress.

Jerry Luftman, Global Institute for IT Management managing director, declares this era to be a “multifaceted” one of “amped-up business speed.” He emphasizes the need to keep your networks running smoothly, and to keep applications accessible and maintained, all while simultaneously coming up with revenue-generating initiatives. "You have to do it all,” says Luftman.

Concerns about Bimodal IT

However, some have pointed out potential problems with the bimodal approach to IT. Geiger CIO Dale Denham worries about a “throw it over the wall mentality,” where the risk lies in the innovation team completing a project then blindly tossing it to operations without adequate communication and collaboration.

Jim Houghton, CSC’s Chief Technology Officer, expresses similar concerns that this approach will be taken to its extreme, developing a culture where while some employees innovate, “the other guys are the ones down in the trenches working.”

No one doubts the importance of keeping the lights on, but it shouldn’t take half your IT staff to do it. That’s where applying the right technology can allow you to bypass this unnecessary step.

The Right Automated Tools Can Help!

Good capacity planning tools automate much of the routine work involved in day-to-day maintenance, freeing up invaluable time to work on new initiatives and innovations. Automated solutions make capacity planning a more reliable science by leaving only the most important decisions to human actors, according to George Crump on TechTarget. By automating routine server management tasks, you improve staff productivity and provide continuous service to deliver projects quickly.

Vityl Capacity Management (formerly TeamQuest) empowers you to make the best use of limited resources, particularly by improving hardware-to-personnel ratio. Vityl delivers automated predictive analytics, which continuously predicts future application health. These tools can decrease the risk of operational issues by predicting the timing and consequences of a forecasted scenario, and even suggest the optimal action for dealing with those consequences.

Tools that notify you well in advance of problems to avoid and prevent bottlenecks allow you to focus your attention in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Keep applications running smoothly and automatically while keeping your business at the forefront of innovation. With the right automated tools, you can do it all.

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