Why You Should Use Scheduled File Transfer Software

Schedule file transfers


Have you set up Amazon auto-deliveries? Installed a smart thermostat to keep your house the perfect temperature throughout the day? Approved auto-pay for your bills? Today’s world makes it easy to simplify nearly every aspect of your day-to-day – so why not schedule your file transfers?

What is Scheduled File Transfer Software?

More commonly called file transfer software, “scheduled file transfer software” includes tools that automate, streamline, or otherwise manage your file transfers so you have fewer manual tasks to complete when moving files from point A to point B. You could even eliminate them completely! Though there are many solutions available for automated and secure file transfer, many IT teams still rely on outdated options, including FTP, PC Tools, or legacy scripts.

Scheduled file transfer technology helps you simplify your system-to-system, user-to-system, and user-to-user file transfers while keeping security at the forefront. Most scheduled file transfer software solutions have some type of encryption, tracking, and boast the ability to streamline, therefore speeding up your file transfers.

Out of all the ways to add secure file transfer to your organization, managed file transfer (MFT) is the most robust. MFT software typically includes features that support automation, the ability to send large files, and easy-to-use tools for administrators and end-users alike.

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5 Benefits of Scheduled File Transfer Software

1. Reliability

When you replace archaic file transfer management applications and manual FTP processes, you gain consistency and have more control over your file transfers. You can standardize your file transfer processes, use success/fail notifications (no more hunting for lost transfers or receive an embarrassing message from a recipient missing their data!), and re-run and reschedule jobs as needed. With file transfer software’s tracking features, you can always know your job status and easily resolve failed transfers.

2. Security & Encryption

Many file transfer solutions prioritize security, and some will encrypt your files at rest and in motion. GoAnywhere MFT supports the latest security protocols and algorithms, giving you, your customers, and trading partners peace of mind when it comes to sensitive data.

Moving away from FTP and other less-secure file transfer options and into one solution reduces your risk, making it more difficult for bad actors to access your sensitive information.

3. Reduce Manual Processes

Replace your most error-prone manual activities. Scheduled file transfer software allows you to create repeatable tasks, automate processes, and choose when jobs run. To take things a step further, some MFT solutions will automate report generation and notifications.

Plus, rather than using a variety of tools to line up each piece of the file transfer puzzle, a single file transfer solution can:

  • Provide a holistic overview of all your file movements, tasks, and user activity
  • Streamline tasks by keeping them within one central tool
  • Automate entire processes
  • And more!

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4. Meet Business Requirements

Whether you must follow industry data requirements and regulations, or you want to map data more easily between your and your partners’ systems, using a more efficient and effective file transfer solution puts you in a better position to keep up with new or changing compliance guidelines and trading partner requirements. Scheduled file transfer solutions, like MFT, help you reduce costs, improve the quality of your data movement, and help you comply with requirements like PCI DSS and HIPAA. Thanks to a one-two punch of encryption and internal auditing, GoAnywhere sets you up for success.

5. It Grows with You

Before, you may have had to create scripts and programs, painstakingly updating them when requirements changed, or added hodge-podge tasks at random. Managed file transfer easily scales to meet your file transfer needs, whether that’s a couple dozen a week or thousands each day. And making the switch doesn’t require careful programming and coding – with GoAnywhere, you can simply duplicate existing processes or set up new ones to handle the change in your file transfer needs, all from a drag-and-drop interface.

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Tools to Schedule Your File Transfer

GoAnywhere MFT gives you a variety of ways to set up and schedule your file transfers.

  • Use a built-in scheduler to plan when your automated files transfers should execute and customize calendars to ensure your projects only run on approved dates or days of the week.
  • File Monitoring detects when files are modified, added to, or deleted from specified folders. The functionality also triggers projects based on conditions you set, and lets you know if any errors occur.
  • If you’re bombarded with information from all sides – and in too many formats to count – consider Secure Forms. These customizable forms give the people sharing information with you one standardized way to submit it. Once their information is submitted (securely!), rules you set up process the data and keep it moving along to its destination.
  • Lightweight applications called Agents bring the centralization of GoAnywhere to every office, storefront, cloud service, and data center your enterprise works from. One major benefit of Agents is that they trigger each of your pre-set workflows to happen simultaneously at multiple locations.
  • Use Advanced Workflows to define your file transfers and improve your business processes. Each one that you define can contain multiple tasks that execute back-to-back seamlessly.
  • Cloud Connectors help you integrate with the cloud and web apps your organization uses. They help you reach popular services like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Dropbox, streamlining your everyday tasks.

Expand Your Day-to-Day Automation

Take the next step in simplifying your file transfers – schedule them! Learn more about managed file transfer in this webinar on replacing FTP scripts, or chat with an expert about what’s most important to you.