Why Should you Delete Journal Receivers?

I am often asked about best practice ways of house-keeping IBM i systems.  On my list of the top three best practice tips would be setting up a process to automatically delete Journal Receivers.

Journal Receivers grow quickly and therefore, by their very nature, take up large volumes of valuable disk space. In this month’s Tips and Techniques I would like to share with you my recommendations to assist you with the house-keeping of your IBM i system.

As you already have your back-up process running and your HA application process in place, you do not need to retain the Journal Receivers indefinitely – you should be able to set up a business rule within your monitoring software to automatically delete them after a set time period.

Your software should allow you to quickly and easily delete Journal Receivers, based on date.  If it does not, then you should be asking why not?  In some instances, you may not want to delete the Journal Receivers, so you should also be able to set up an alert to notify you that an excessive number of Journal Receivers exists.

This process of automatically deleting Journal Receivers will save you considerable time by quickly and easily identifying Journal Receivers by date or when last amended, and simply deleting. It will also enable effective house-keeping of your production system and has the potential to significantly reduce disk space utilization.