What’s New in Intermapper 6?

Sometimes in network monitoring, less is more. Less clicks means more time. Less steps helps you monitor more effectively.

Other times, more is more. More alerts leads to more advance notice of potential issues. More data means more awareness.

With Intermapper 6, we’re giving network administrators, engineers, and IT pros like you less of what you don’t want (extra clicks, extra steps) and more of what you want (alerts, at-a-glance data). Ultimately, this release is all about providing you with more in-depth, granular alerts and data on interfaces to improve your overall IT infrastructure monitoring.

What can you do in Intermapper 6? Here’s a quick overview of the important features you should know about in this newest software release. 

Intermapper 6: New-and-Improved Features

The ability to set alerts on interfaces

By popular demand, you can now set Intermapper alerts at the individual interface (or link or port) level, not just the device level. Set thresholds for normal link utilization, errors, or discards. When performance exceeds the thresholds you set for an interface, receive an alert just like you would for a device, via sound, email, text message, or SMNP trap (among other available notifier choices)

The option to share threshold settings from the parent level

Apply threshold settings for an interface once, and then use them everywhere. Set thresholds for interface alerts at the device, server, or map level that can then be applied for all interfaces.

The option to ignore conditions on interfaces

If you don’t want to be notified when thresholds are exceeded on certain interfaces, you can simply check “ignore,” limiting unwanted notifications.

Easy map view of both interface and device statuses

Now you can see the color-coded status of a device and its interfaces, right on your network map. Interfaces are surrounded by haloes indicating their status (up, warning, critical, or down).

A consolidated interface window with statuses and key metrics

Previously, data on interfaces was only available in multiple windows. Now, a single windows displays all your interfaces for a particular device, along with their availability and key metrics like transmit and receive statistics, utilization rates, and more.

Along with interface and alert-related improvements, we continue to improve our network monitoring tool and make it even better with every release.

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Customers: Ready to upgrade?

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