What’s the IBM i Community Saying About Business Intelligence?

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It seems like everyone is talking about business intelligence (BI) these days.  

Data is more important to business now than ever before—but not nearly enough industries are realizing its potential (according to the Harvard Business Review). Forbes speculates that realizing the potential of data analytics depends on how you adopt it. That’s all well and good, but…

Here’s what they’re not telling you: what the IBM i/AS400/iSeries community has to say about business intelligence.

Isn’t it about time you found out? Then check out our recent webinar, IBM i Marketplace Survey: What’s Next for Business Intelligence. We covered the bases of what the IBM i community cares about in business intelligence today—and what it means for you.

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What the IBM i Community Says

The IBM i community had a lot to say in the 2017 IBM i Marketplace Survey.

Now in its third edition, the IBM i Marketplace Survey gathered responses from both HelpSystems customers and IBM i users at large across the world. The results are packed with fascinating insights into how IBM i is being used today (and you should definitely give it a read if you haven’t already).

It’s no surprise that security is the top concern for IBM i users—which is why it’s best to keep your data on the iSeries.

For those of you interested in business intelligence on IBM i, there are four main areas of interest:

  • Modernization
  • Mobility
  • ROI
  • Outlook

Curious about modernizing applications on IBM i?

Business users experience with iSeries BI is likely the green screen report they have received for the past 20 years—and they’re not so fond of it.

Modernizing your applications doesn’t mean you need to leave your trusty IBM i. If you’re still using Query/400 or SQL programming to query data, you have options for modernizing your business intelligence application—without compromising security.

Interactivity is a typical requirement of today’s organizations. Intuitive interfaces—beyond just the green screen—make it easy for anyone to interact with data and get to the precise level of information they need to do their jobs and improve the business.

Dashboards are a great way to modernize your IBM i data. They’re still be powered with that accurate and secure IBM i data, but it’s a modern way to present results to anyone at your organization.

Microsoft Excel is well-loved by many business users. Just because your data is on iSeries doesn’t mean you’re limited to rows and columns on the green screen. Modernizing business intelligence means finding a tool that makes it simple to export to Excel.

Interested in mobile deployment of business intelligence?

While many businesses still use green screens, the green screen is declining in use. Web interfaces—and mobile deployment—is becoming a must for modern business.

Now you don’t need to get rid of the green screen. You can still have the security of IBM i on your data, but you can take that data on the go in a mobile interface—with the right BI tool.

Not sure what sort of ROI you should expect on BI initiatives?

Did you know that IBM i delivers the best ROI?

IBM i users continue to believe that IBM i gives the best ROI for the investment. 94.6% of those surveyed this year indicated it gives a better ROI than other servers. This is part of an upward trend on the IBM i Marketplace Survey. BI is great on IBM i as you can scale your server up without adding additional headaches of more servers to manage. IBM i-based BI removes latency issues we have seen for years as customers have placed their data into the arms of other servers versus just building their data warehouse on IBM i.

Wondering what the long-term outlook is for BI on IBM i?

Wonder no more. We’ve gathered the data and, spoiler alert, the future is looking bright.

In general, security, availability, scalability, and performance set the IBM i apart. When it comes to managing your critical business data, these are important aspects to consider.

The IBM i is a strong platform that gives you the ability to maintain return on investment, so why wouldn’t you keep your data and BI on it? 


Keep Up with IBM i Business Intelligence

Sequel Data Access can go a long way toward solving these top concerns of IBM i-based businesses. It provides a modern interface for accessing data (while keeping it secure) and makes it easy to access critical IBM i data on the go.

IT staff and especially programmers consider Sequel an essential productivity tool. Sequel is a complete toolset that makes it easy to distribute the information. The program works with any data. Business data, operational data, any data in a database—including Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL—can be analyzed and delivered with Sequel.

Plus, everyone in your organization will appreciate the visual dashboards and the ability to get data results in Microsoft Excel.

Get the Scoop

Dive into the full details of what the IBM i community is saying about business intelligence and what you can do about it. Watch our recent webinar—IBM i Marketplace Survey: What’s Next for Business Intelligence—for a panel discussion between IBM i Champion Tom Huntington and data access pro Mike Stegeman. 

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