What is Remote Network Monitoring Software?


Remote network monitoring helps IT monitor network equipment wherever you (or your devices) are. The benefits of remote network monitoring—visibility, mobility, and flexibility, to name just a few—are compelling to organizations with multiple locations, telecommuting employees, consultants, and managed service providers (MSPs).  If you’re not familiar with remote network monitoring software, here’s a quick overview of what it is and how it can help your IT team maintain uptime across your entire network.  

Remote Network Monitoring Software

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What is remote network monitoring software?

Remote network monitoring software gives IT staff access to your network monitoring server from anywhere. With a remote monitoring tool, you can access your network maps, sub-maps, configuration options no matter where you’re located.  

Remote access extends the reach of your network monitoring solution so you can monitor your locations and equipment without having to be on the machine the software was initially installed on.  

Who uses remote access monitoring software?

Most organizations will get value from the ability to access their network monitoring from anywhere. Here are some situations in which remote access monitoring software is especially helpful:

  • Organizations with remote locations. If you are managing IT performance for multiple sites, remote network monitoring software gives you visibility into network health at those locations—without having to hop in a plane or drive two hours to get there yourself.
  • No on-site support. Ideally you have “boots on the ground” in every office who could check out any tech issues that arise, but that’s not always the case. Remote access helps you troubleshoot issues from afar. If you have network automation tools, you can take it one step further and fix any issues you find, eliminating the need to send someone out or find a local technician.
  • Telecommuting employees. When IT staff work from home or offices other than your main IT location, you can grant them the same ability to monitor, map, and manage network performance that they have at their normal workstation.
  • IT consultants. Remote network access lets you review clients’ network performance from afar.
  • Managed service providers. When you need to monitor client devices, remote access monitoring software lets you do that easily and reliably.

So what are the benefits?

A high-performing network with minimal downtime has never been more vital to your organization’s success. Remote network monitoring software gives you visibility into network health regardless of location. It gives you and your IT staff flexibility to be mobile. And if you’re working from your laptop one day and your home computer the next, you can still access your maps, receive performance alerts, and troubleshoot problems. If you have automation set up, you can even fix problems without moving an inch.

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Look for these 5 features of remote network monitoring software

Interested in getting remote access monitoring software for your team? Here are some key features to look for:

  1. Automatic network discovery. When you’re managing devices in multiple locations, you don’t want to waste time creating a manual inventory of all your equipment. Many network monitoring software solutions will automatically discover every IP address in your network so you can monitor regardless of location.
  2. Location-specific maps. Find a tool that allows you to create as many maps as you want so you can easily see performance by location, branch, geography, etc.
  3. Security and access management. Inviting multiple employees to access your monitoring server remotely could security risks, done incorrectly. Make sure the tool requires each employee to log in with a username and password. You’ll also want to ensure you can set access permissions depending on the employee, granting access to maps and dashboards by location or job function.
  4. Alert acknowledgement from anywhere. Whether you’re working at the office or at home, find a solution that allows you to receive and acknowledge alerts from anywhere.
  5. Flexible licensing. Having flexible licensing options will help you take full advantage of a remote access solution. Maybe you are a consultant and need to access multiple clients’ networks at once. Or maybe you’re monitoring one network but you want to access one network from multiple devices. Either way, flexibility will help you make your remote network monitoring solution work for you.    

Getting started

Whether you’re a school district with multiple campuses or a global organization with offices in several countries, remote network monitoring software will help IT maximize uptime for all your critical technology. When evaluating software options, make sure remote access is on your list of must-have features, try before you buy, and go with a solution that will fit your organization’s operations best.  

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