What Customers Are Saying About Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i

Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i is an exit point security solution with an easy-to-use interface that makes data protection simple. But what do customers have to say about it?

Read on to find out what people who’ve implemented and used Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i really think about this software.


Great Investment

“[Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] has really provided us with the information we need to look at our exit points and establish tighter controls over what our vendors are able to access. Security doesn’t happen overnight, but the auditors like what we’re doing. They are very impressed with the way we are going about managing security and compliance. The Powertech products have been a great investment for us.”

Vice President and IT Operations Manager, financial industry


Easy to Implement and Run

We needed to get a handle on our System i network security. Things were happening outside the visual cope that we couldn’t see or track. It wasn’t necessarily malicious—sometimes employees are just curious and explore to see what a certain command produces.

“I looked at several other vendors, but after speaking with Powertech customers using the Network Security software and hearing how easy it was to implement and run, I decided to go with [Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i.]”

IT Manager, public sector


Monitor and Control Access Through the Network

“Currently, we’re implementing four PowerTech products— [Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i, Powertech Compliance Monitor for IBM i, Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i, and Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i] —to manage our security and our regulatory compliance. One great thing about Powertech is the flexibility of their products. [Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] gives us the ability to monitor and control folks coming in from the network.

“The Powertech consultant trained the IT folks, internal auditing, and our information security officer. Having a pro come in and look over your shoulder to help with the implementation process pretty much guarantees success and keeps your frustration level down.

“There’s tremendous value to support and it’s a good feeling knowing it’s there for us.”

Senior Vice President and IT Manager, technology company


Intuitive Exit Point Control Solution

“[Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] made it easy to enforce our privacy policy. My team could set rules to restrict access to servers without impacting daily operations, including rules to limit the use of FTP and ODBC to specific users, groups, and IP addresses.

"[Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] is an intuitive exit point control solution that allows us to really lock down our network and improve our iSeries compliance.”

Vice President, financial industry


Insight into What's Happening with Your Systems

“[Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] is a very powerful tool. It can give you insight about what’s happening with your systems and identify good and questionable activity. Your FTP and ODBC activity levels change when someone installs a new application. [Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] can help you “see” the transactions you expect, as well as the ones you don’t expect.

"We regard Powertech as a partner rather than just a vendor. We expect our partners to understand the business capabilities we are reaching for and how to manage them securely. There’s a limited pool of resources in the marketplace with real IBM i security knowledge. So, we look to Powertech’s experience—that’s their real value. Anyone can provide a toolbox and a set of tools, but we need to know the risk of change and how to mitigate it. It’s all about expertise and Powertech is simply the best at what they do.”

Vice President of Technology, gaming industry


Up and Running Quickly

“Originally we viewed all iSeries exit point security products as comparable, but we realized the potential of [Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] and expanded it to other areas, like troubleshooting performance problems related to ODBC access. We were able to get the product installed and up and running quickly.”

Database Administrator, medical device company


See Network Security in Action

See for yourself how easy it is to secure your IBM i exit points with Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i.