What Is a Bot?

A bot is an agent that interprets and executes tasks on your behalf. Think of bots as an digital extension of your workforce. Bot automation employs software bots to complete a task or set of tasks without human intervention. Some bots run based on triggers, some are scheduled, and some work around the clock.

person working with a bot

What Can One Bot Do?

One bot is typically called robotic desktop automation. It assists one person on their desktop with tasks that they’d perform on their own. This is typically a fairly low-cost method of automation, though the benefits for a single person’s productivity can be great. Desktop automation often tackles Excel, website interaction, or report generation for one person.

What Can Five Bots Do?

Five bots is a great number to start with for an organization. Having five bots basically means choosing five processes that you want to automate. For example, one utilities company that purchased Automate uses one bot to accurately sort, compress, archive, and delete massive event log files daily. That makes data from each machine in their plant reliably available in case there’s an emergency.

Another bot backs up information that could previously only be backed up by a highly-experienced operator. Their time to automation ROI was just two days with those two bots. Imagine the automation ROI if you combined those two bots with three other bots for time-consuming tasks like data scraping, email routing, and report generation.

What Can Unlimited Bots Do?

In organizations where manual work is weighing down every area of the business, unlimited bots can spark an amazing transformation. Think of the power of one bot on every desktop, tackling all the mundane tasks that keep employees from more meaningful work. Then imagine adding in bots that work between departments, connecting critical business processes and applications that touch multiple parts of the business. The RPA ROI of the right automation solution deployed at this scale could be astonishing.

Some RPA pricing models increase prices dramatically as you scale across your organization, far beyond your initial investment. It’s important to choose a software partner that lays out pricing upfront and that will work with you as you scale. Bot automation has amazing potential to help companies achieve ROI and transform the way their organizations work for the better.

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