The Value of a Tech Update

It’s no surprise that organizations expect their IT professionals to be knowledgeable about the servers and applications they use. One easy way to be a leader in this area is by participating in annual roadmap discussions with your key independent software vendors (ISVs).

By educating yourself on where your vendors are going with technology, you’ll be better equipped to justify your software recommendations to executive management and communicate how they can and will help your company grow into the future.

At HelpSystems, our roadmap discussions or Tech Updates take place on an individual basis with experienced Sales or Presales team members. In only an hour, you’ll learn valuable information about what HelpSystems has to offer in the areas of automation and cybersecurity. You’ll also learn about the latest enhancements to the HelpSystems products you already own and how you can take advantage of these new capabilities. Not to mention getting insider information on upcoming features while you have the ear of someone who can influence product development.

This is not a passive info session. We’ll be asking you a few questions, too. It’s important that we understand:

  • Where your company is going with technology over the next year or two
  • Whether you feel comfortable with the directions HelpSystems is taking
  • What projects are currently active at your company
  • Whether you’re experiencing any pain points in IT

The goal is not for us to pry into your business, but rather allow us to align what we are working on with what you are doing. Your responses can lead to further discussion about knowledge gaps and training opportunities, as well as demonstrations that illustrate previously unused product features or new solutions that can solve a specific need.

The feedback we’ve received from customers expresses how valuable the annual Tech Update is to them. We agree, since these sessions are a great opportunity for HelpSystems to share our strategy around acquisitions and current development projects. Affirmation from our customers is one of the key tenets to our future success as a software vendor.

We encourage you to connect with us for a Tech Update each year. Come prepared to share your story about current and future plans in your own data center.

Remember, no customer is too small or too big for a Tech Update. In fact, it’s important that we hear from companies of all sizes and industries to stay informed on regulations and other governing factors that you need help with. We find this information very interesting and can’t wait to talk to your team soon.

A Tech Update is your meeting.
Tell our expert what’s on your mind and we’ll point you in the right direction.