Top Use Cases for GUI Automation

GUI automation top use cases | HelpSystems

Sometimes, the only way to enter and extract information from an application is through its user interface. GUI automation is a way to mimic user actions, like mouse and keyboard input, to automate processes involving clicks, field inputs, image recognition, and scrolling. Here are some of the top use cases for GUI automation. 

GUI automation plus business logic 

A marketing company creating shelf-edge displays, Vestcom, needed automation to handle the process of producing customized shelf-edge marketing solutions. Every week, new labels needed to be created for customers with product information like UPC number, item description, and pricing. This data came through FTP, SFTP, VPN, and email. Then the data was transferred to a production server, cleansed, and transformed into print-ready files. There were also customer-specific business rules that needed to come into play. With GUI automation, Vestcom was able to completely automate the data pulling, uploading, and application automation, all enforced with business rules. This saves them 200 hours per week.  

GUI automation for data backups 

A utilities and energy provider, TransAlta, used robotic process automation to manage event log files but also needed a way to back up information. In the past, it could only be backed up by a highly-experienced operator interacting with the GUI for the backup application. Now, a GUI automation bot mimics user actions, saving the team precious time and providing TransAlta peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.  

GUI automation for website monitoring 

Another use for GUI automation is monitoring websites for response times. Every organization wants their customers to have a good experience when searching their site. Automation bots can run every few minutes to log in to the website, search for a keyword on the site, and log the load time for each of the pages. The user sets a threshold for that load time in the task, and if the threshold is missed, notification is immediately sent to the owner of the site so that it can be repaired as soon as possible. The task can run 24/7, so the site owner is assured that their customers are receiving acceptable responses from the site no matter what time of day or night it is.  

GUI test automation can also be used for testing changes to websites. The task can spin through screens with no errors and much faster than a human. 

As organizations look to reduce tedious, repetitive tasks and human error, using GUI automation helps employees get back to value-adding tasks. Any application with a GUI has a use case that can save users time and reduce errors.  

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