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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Intermapper for Network Monitoring

The IT landscape is changing fast and network monitoring software is no longer just nice to have—it’s a need to have solution. Between the demands of remote work and networks growing more complex with the Internet of Things (IOT), the best way to stay on top of network performance, is with a complete view of your entire environment.

Intermapper, the comprehensive network monitoring solution from HelpSystems, is the most valuable tool you can add to your toolbox to keep your network up and running smoothly. Here are just four of the ways Intermapper stands out from other network monitoring tools.

Why Choose Intermapper Network Monitoring?

1. Step Away from Complexity

Network monitoring is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complex. The Intermapper console comes standard with a full feature set so you get high-value network monitoring, mapping, and alerting, without having to pay for each piece of functionality. Our simple, device-based pricing gives you everyday network mapping and monitoring that allows you to scale with your changing environment. And our team is always hard at work making improvements to our network monitoring functionalities and capabilities. If your legacy provider isn't making updates to their product, it's time to move on.

Plus, Intermapper is easy to install, deploy, and use, so you can get up and running quickly without any harsh learning curve or intense product training to get through. Installation is a breeze without needing to setup any extra equipment, and can be installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. And we make it easy to go straight from trial to production so you can get started immediately when you decide Intermapper is the right fit for your organization.

2. See the Big Picture of Your Network

Every network is different. But the key to ensuring network health is being able to recognize what “normal” looks like for your network. That way, you can more easily spot abnormal activity. Your network goes beyond your network and Intermapper shows you your entire environment—not just the IT network—in real time to spot issues before they become problems. Features like auto-discovery make mapping your network devices fast and easy. Diagram everything across your IoT, including your physical and virtual equipment, to get a live snapshot of network performance with Intermapper’s customizable maps – no refreshing required.

Our network monitoring software uses common protocols and powerful probes to quickly poll your devices and give you the real-time data you need to optimize performance. And with fast alerting capabilities, know what you need to know when you need to know it, via email, text, sound, or another notification method.

3. Intermapper Can Layer in Front of Other Solutions

Already have a monitoring solution in place? No problem. Intermapper can run in front of other network management products to provide a layered monitoring solution. No one solution is a jack of all trades, and Intermapper can be the perfect complement to your existing solutions to enhance your mapping and monitoring capabilities.

Use Intermapper as your centralized monitoring solution—a babysitter of sorts—to help you see your environment in one spot. Our dynamic maps, impressive graphics, and fast alerting, are what set us apart and help take some of the burden off IT teams. And on top of its fast and flexible alerting capabilities, our polling engine can scale to probe thousands of devices in seconds. Plus, Intermapper offers remote network monitoring so you can monitor your network whether at home, in the office, or off-site.

4. Our Users Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it—ask our users. Intermapper has been consistently named a High Performer by software review site G2 based on our outstanding user reviews.

“We get Intermapper alerts before clients log in tickets of outages,” says user Jaime M. “To us, this tool has been an amazing SNMP networking invention. The maps and the live alerts are simply amazing.”

Intermapper helps IT professionals from all kinds of industries to spot issues, ensure network health, and keep things running smoothly. For further proof, just take a look at our customer success stories to see what Intermapper can do for your organization.

Ready to See More of Your Network?

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