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Throwback Thursday: Automation Style

Toys aren’t just for kids, and enterprise job scheduling software’s not just for work anymore.

HelpSystems takes the holiday spirit seriously. Every year, the company encourages employees to decorate their departmental hallways and personal office doors in the spirit of the season and the wintry weather outside. You won’t be surprised to know that this year many of the characters of Disney’s feature film Frozen are gracing the HelpSystems hallways.

But three years ago, Otto was the star. Software Engineer Ben Peter used what was then a relatively new product—our enterprise job scheduling tool, Automate Schedule, and Automate's mascot, Otto—to orchestrate a musical lights show on his office door. You won’t want to miss the results.

So, on this throwback Thursday, we’re honoring the amazing creativity and functionality of Ben Peter’s use of Automate Schedule to create an automated holiday lights show. Send us a shout via the hashtags #AutomateSchedule and #tbt to reflect on the unique ways in which you’ve used Automate Schedule within your enterprise job schedule over the years. And don’t forget to share Ben’s automated musical lights show with your coworkers.


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Happy holidays from HelpSystems and the Automate Schedule team!

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