Three Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Forms Management Solution Over Power Automate

Webdocs Forms Management over Power Automate

Without the proper tools, implementing electronic forms can become just as cumbersome as paper forms. Many users have turned to Power Automate—formerly Microsoft Flow—in an attempt to untangle their forms processes. And while Power Automate is a process and task automation tool, without a dedicated electronic forms solution, you might not see the full benefits of going paperless.

Webdocs Forms Management is a web-based forms capture and workflow solution from HelpSystems, designed to capture all information directly into the systems and applications that keep your business going. Here are three reasons why your business will see greater value and ROI by choosing Webdocs Forms Management over Power Automate:

1. Easier Integration with Your Systems and Applications

One of the biggest disadvantages to Power Automate is its limited capabilities for being used outside of the Microsoft Office environment. While many companies use these popular applications—like Word and Excel to name a few—most forms workflows involve other critical applications outside of Microsoft.

Whether you’re trying to automate accounts payable processes and need to interact with your ERP, or you’re using electronic forms in HR that need to send data to your payroll system, Webdocs Forms Management is powerful enough to sync with your existing business systems and databases. Plus, when the time comes to expand automation beyond your forms processes, Webdocs can be used in conjunction with an RPA tool to further your automation capabilities.

Webdocs Forms Management is also accessible and fully responsive from any browser—there’s no need to maintain an app on your devices. Plus, you’re able to control where Webdocs runs in your organization as it’s cloud enabled, letting you run it in your cloud environment or directly on your server.

2. Greater Flexibility to Build and Deploy Forms

Worried that a dedicated forms management solution might be too complicated for business users? Webdocs Forms Management is built so no programming knowledge is needed.  The easy-to-use, wizard-based rules engine lets you quickly build forms and workflow preconditions to get up and running in no time. Drag-and-drop share options even let you create forms and form elements that you can share with other users in your organization to maximize efficiency. However, if you do want to write JAVA script code, Webdocs gives you the flexibility you need.

Webdocs Forms Management even allows you to test each form and workflow before you deploy to your user community via a testing interface. Test the user experience on desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smart phone devices to ensure you get the right information the first time.

3. Security & Compliance

The information collected in your forms is often highly sensitive. A dedicated electronic forms solution ensures the private data you collect stays confidential. Webdocs Forms Management is enabled with a secure forms and document repository for completed forms and attachments. Plus, permissions can be set for specific employees in your organization with different user rights to author, revise, view, route, or delete documents.

Webdocs Forms Management delivers version control and audit control.  With these functions, you can prevent unwanted changes from being made to your data and documents allow for easier compliance and retention with automatic archiving and versioning to aide in regulatory efforts.

See the Importance of a Dedicated Electronic Forms Solution

Give your business a boost with an electronic forms management solution that can handle your unique needs. Contact us for a personalized demo of Webdocs Forms Management.