TeamQuest Introduces Revolutionary Vityl Product Suite

Software simplifies capacity management and transcends the boundaries of IT and the business through aligned metrics.

TeamQuest, a global leader in IT Performance Management, Capacity Management, and Business Value Dashboards, today announced the release of their new Vityl software suite. The suite of complementary products conveys the health of IT infrastructure, identifies when and where future risks of poor performance exist, and connects IT metrics with business outcomes.

"TeamQuest's Vityl suite, the first to simplify IT operations by finally creating a single indicator of current IT health and future risk of service performance, presents a major step forward in the IT Service Management maturity journey. In retrospect, this will be viewed as a market-changing innovation," said Dr. Thomas Mendel, Managing Director, Research In Action.

"The Vityl suite is fueled by algorithms that distill a vast array of metrics down to single indicators of current health and future risk of service performance, making it simpler to identify, resolve and predict issues," said President and CEO Paul Hesser. "Vityl connects the dots from IT analysts to IT managers to business leaders. It's all about simplifying the work and transcending IT beyond its traditional business boundaries."

Vityl automatically analyzes key metrics from disparate systems to calculate health and risk scores and provides connected workflows for problem identification, resolution, and prediction. It transforms IT metrics into business-centric views, aligning IT investments with business objectives and providing executives with information they need to make business decisions. And, Vityl tracks service performance down to one-second intervals, enabling fast, seamless identification and resolution of performance issues.

 “We have had great results with TeamQuest products, and we are excited to work with TeamQuest to pilot this exciting new product suite. We are expecting that the Vityl suite will be a great resource for our continuing IT maturity journey,” said Jerry Goldman, Director of Technical Services, Law School Admission Council. “Vityl’s health and risk views across the IT landscape provide insight with a series of Metric Drill Down views to facilitate better and faster decision making and problem solving, including mobility and intuitive navigation for ease of use.”


Dynamic environments, mountains of data, and disparate tools make it difficult for IT staff to know where to focus attention.

"Most organizations start with the most basic of tools, such as spreadsheet models. With increasing process maturity and infrastructure complexity, these can become a liability. Therefore, when it is appropriate to do so, organizations should invest in capacity planning and capacity management tools that provide planning capabilities, real-time visibility, modeling, and optimization for their modern, dynamic IT environment." (Gartner, 12 Key Tasks to Govern the IT Infrastructure Capacity and Performance Management Process, Ian Head, 9 FEB 2016)

The algorithms powering the Vityl suite automatically calculate a health score for faster problem identification and resolution, and a risk score to indicate the time frame, location, and severity of future issues so they can be avoided. Evolved over decades of fine-tuning, the algorithms take non-linear behavior into account which yield an accuracy rate better than other solution providers.

Value Based and Customizable Views

Value based views offer an out of the box experience for the different stakeholders in an organization by providing greater transparency from top to bottom, allowing IT to better communicate the value it delivers to the business, and allowing executives to make more informed and timely business decisions.

Transcending functional boundaries, purpose-built value based views provide detailed, technical data for IT operations staff and capacity planners, dynamic views of service status for managers, and alignment of IT investment with top-level business objectives for executives. Connecting IT metrics to business dimensions transforms the conversation from IT as a cost center to a business discussion.  All purpose-built views can be modified to adjust to the specific needs of the organization, or completely new customized views can be created.

"Because of the need to provide the IT executive team and business leaders with a value-based view, the I&O BVD will become an integral means by which the I&O team educates the CIO and business leaders on how the I&O organization directly contributes to the business's bottom line, which is something IT has failed to do in the past." (Gartner, Market Guide for I&O Business Value Dashboards, Gary Spivak, Robert Naegle, 21 MAY 2015) 

Connected Workflows

Connected workflows provide the ability to observe performance, resolve issues, predict resource requirements, and guide decisions using one, integrated platform. Managers, who typically view the IT environments in the context of services, can drill down to understand the impact of service demand on the infrastructure, and operations staff can understand what services are impacted by poor-performing infrastructure. This allows all services impacted by infrastructure issues to be identified, allowing IT to be more proactive and efficient across all business functions.

About TeamQuest

TeamQuest (now a part of HelpSystems) is committed to helping IT organizations proactively manage their infrastructure to optimize the delivery of services to the business. We provide a complete solution that immediately enables our customers to elevate their IT maturity and optimize their infrastructure based on the business value it delivers. Each respective stakeholder is provided a view into IT in their native language: IT operations and capacity planners get the detailed technical metrics they expect, business managers see a dynamic, at-a-glance view of the status of their services, and executives see how IT investment aligns with their top-level business objectives. We deliver top-to-bottom transparency between IT and the business via one, integrated platform to observe, predict, resolve, and guide.

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