TeamQuest Acquisition, Two and a Half Years Later

TeamQuest Acquisition | HelpSystems

In December 2016, we acquired TeamQuest, an industry leader in performance and capacity management software. Their software offerings and the incredible expertise of their people filled a gap in our portfolio and met a strong customer need.

Right away, we started investing in the suite of infrastructure monitoring and capacity management tools. The solutions were already helping customers allocate the right IT resources at the right time to support business needs, but feedback from customers indicated that we needed to accelerate our efforts to improve. Working collaboratively, we identified some key areas where new features were needed, found ways to improve scalability, and developed a plan to make the user experience even better.

In 2018, we released Vityl Capacity Management—a completely new, all-in-one solution for performance and capacity management that was a result of those plans and efforts.

Vityl Capacity Management (VCM) has one interface with four main components (KPIs, Performance Monitor, Automated Analytics, and Capacity Plans) that work together to form the complete solution at a better value. You can see how any and every part of your hybrid IT is performing, has performed, and will perform given a particular what-if scenario. With the new interface, you can move from problem identification to resolution in a matter of minutes, and it scales beyond any customer need we have encountered.

The new VCM supports container instances like Docker, the first solution on the market to do so. We also added integrations with AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and more to better serve customers with cloud or virtual workloads.

And it’s so much easier now. Customers around the world have been amazed with the time saved and the greater ease of use. They’re able to make the most of IT resources, including personnel.

Why is that important? Most IT teams are strapped for time, and they might not have a dedicated capacity manager on their team. But even if you don’t have time or personnel, you have servers, VMs, containers, and cloud instances that—without monitoring and management—could run out of resources and halt key business processes any time.

So we made it easier. We made it better. And we can prove it to you.

We make our acquisitions deliberately here at HelpSystems, and TeamQuest has been a great addition: the people, the products, and the customers. Not only was it a smart move to provide customers with a solid capacity management offering, but we’ve continued to respond to the market and IT needs, making our solution best-in-class.

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