Take the Easy Way—to Access, Analyze, and Deliver Data

It shouldn’t be a chore to access, analyze, and deliver your IBM i data. But when you’re depending on older tools like using Query/400, writing RPG programs, or using SQL/400 coding, it’s an endless chore.

There’s a better, easier, and faster way to do IBM i data access—and it starts with a modern business intelligence solution like Sequel Data Access.

For years, Sequel customers have found easy ways to get, understand, and share their data using Sequel. How exactly does Sequel make life easier? Let us count the ways.

  1. To get up and running queries faster, so Sequel pays for itself.
  2. To get accurate data without the hassle. (RPG code? Nope.)
  3. To get data faster than they can write code.
  4. To see all of their data in one spot, no matter what system it’s on.
  5. To get flexible information that they can manipulate.
  6. To get clear, understandable information.
  7. To visualize data and take actionable tasks away from it.
  8. To spot trends and make informed business decisions.
  9. To access their data in Excel.
  10. To analyze their data in Excel.
  11. And to deliver data to their end users in Excel.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch our three-part webinar series on-demand. You’ll take away:

You’ll learn how customers find it easy to access, analyze, and deliver data with Sequel. And you’ll see for yourself live demonstrations of just how easy it is to use Sequel.

“I’m convinced there’s nothing we can’t do with Sequel—it’s very cool.”

Carl Novit
Vice President and Co-Owner

So what are you waiting for?