Streamline Your SAP Processes with RPA

SAP automation with RPA

Keeping up with the fast-paced, competitive environment in our world today requires enterprises to have a strong technological foundation.  SAP is a powerful tool for managing processes from manufacturing to finance, but its built-in SAP automation capabilities aren’t robust enough for the pace of modern business. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help fill the gap between where your automation needs to be and where it is.

Why Upgrade from CCMS?

The Computing Center Management System (CCMS) within SAP is where you monitor, control, and configure your SAP system. There is some unattended system administration available with this, but using an enterprise scheduler with an RPA tool helps you centralize your scheduling and notifications. You can also trigger jobs based on events that don’t take place in SAP. Instead of timing things on different applications and hoping that the previous job ran without errors, you can kick off a job immediately when it’s done.

Cross-System Reactivity

Some jobs need flexibility. For instance, orders placed within your system may need to kick off two processes at once: one to send the order to the ERP system to update inventory and sales and become part of a daily report, and another to let the distribution center know that they need to pick the order and send it to the loading dock. It’s important that each of these steps can run based on the completion of a previous step rather than a time of day so that the information is correct and complete.

Using RPA with SAP

The main reason to use RPA with SAP is that the most common interactions people have with SAP are routine, manual tasks that could easily be automated. Whether it’s data entry, routing for approvals, purchase order follow-up, report generation from the SAP system, or checking data consistency, RPA can do it 24/7, error-free.  

SAP automation with RPA can help your organization’s applications be managed more centrally, enable cross-system reactivity, and take routine, manual tasks for SAP management off your plate.

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