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Robot SCHEDULE Supports IASPs

With the rise of externally attached disks and PowerHA, we’ve been getting more questions about IASPs on IBM i. To answer the biggest question: Yes, Robot SCHEDULE does support running your applications in IASPs. As of version 12.4, Robot SCHEDULE can also be installed directly into an IASP from the product maintenance wizard. It also has additional flexibility around the product library name.

High Availability with PowerHA

PowerHA, which provides high availability through hardware replication instead of software replication, is the main driver behind the recent popularity of IASP. Here is some additional information on IASP technology. At HelpSystems, we are dedicated to supporting whichever replication you want for Robot SCHEDULE and your system.

With this technology, you can have different business applications in different IASPs with Robot SCHEDULE controlling the way jobs are scheduled from a central database in *SYSBAS or scheduled directly from Robot SCHEDULE installed on that IASP. (*SYSBAS is required on every IBM i server—it is the main ASP that runs the IBM i operating system.)

As for running Robot SCHEDULE in an IASP, the major issue with *SYSBAS and IASP is that you cannot have the same library name in both *SYSBAS and the attached IASP. So, the ROBOTLIB name will have to be modified if installed in both *SYSBAS and the IASP. See these instructions for installing and running Robot SCHEDULE in an IASP.

If you would rather use a traditional, journal-based high availability replicating tool instead of PowerHA or IASP technology, learn how you can mirror Robot products. However, IASPs are only going to become more prominent as IBM i customers continue to enjoy a very good success rate combining them with PowerHA. Robot SCHEDULE will be ready to support the day-to-day batch streams that need to be submitted.

Analyzing IASP and IFS Data

HelpSystems is not content to rest on our scheduling capabilities. Our IBM Advance Partnership gives us regular opportunities to test and develop other technologies that make life easier for the IBM i community.

For example, Robot SPACE disk space management software can report on and graph data and objects that are stored in disk, including an IASP. It works with both libraries and IFS directories to provide an easy-to-use and yet powerful tool to answer difficult disk space growth issues.